Need For Speed Unbound: The Different Drift Methods

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  • The Different Drift Entry Settings Available

Need For Speed Unbound is the next installment in the series, and is all about staying away from the cops and getting back at an old friend. As usual, NFS have some awesome cars that you can win or buy and tune to your liking.

Like most racing games, drifting is a big part of the game. It can help you take corners without losing too much speed, and allows you to build up bursts of burst as well. Drifting is a skill that can take some getting used to, and in this game, you can change the settings on how to activate the drift while playing and even switch it off. This depends on what you find easiest to do and is completely personal.

The Different Drift Entry Settings Available

There are four different settings you can change when it comes to drifting. To change drifting settings, you need to go to the main menu. Next to Map, you will see Play, and under this menu, you can see Handling Tuning.

This option allows you to adapt the handling of the vehicle you have currently equipped. At the bottom of the list, you will see Drift Entry — this is where you can change the drift activation when driving.


If you struggle with drifting, and find it hinders you more than it helps you, then you can turn it off completely. This makes sure that, when you are cornering, no unwanted drifting will occur.

This may slow you down as you will have to brake for corners. But for some vehicles, this is best, especially if they have fast acceleration as this will stop you from spinning out in corners, and help if you cannot drift well.

Brake Tap

This Drift Entry setting means if you tap the brake when turning into a corner, you will enter a drift. This is the easiest way to activate it, as you are likely to be braking for the corner anyway.

Bear in mind that it will only activate on the release of the brake, so if you brake too hard instead of tapping it, you are not going to enter a drift.

Gas Tap

Instead of having to tap the brake when entering a corner, you can let off the gas, and then tap the gas to activate your drift.

This can be helpful if you want to maintain speed. This is good in less sharp corners, but for those corners that are tight bends, you may be carrying too much speed and spin out or crash.

Gas Or Brake Tap

This option is set as the default, which means you can use either Drift setting. You may want to change this if you find you are getting unwanted drifting, and it is causing you issues when racing.

This option gives you more options during a race if you can master both Drift Entry activations. You can combine the positives of both and use Brake Tap for tighter bends and the Gas Tap for smoother high-speed corners.

Other Drift Changes You Can Make

In the same menu, there are other changes you can make to your handling, this will help to keep your car more stable through corners.


You can change the handling bias, either more towards Drift or more towards Grip. You can also have it neutral between the two. How much you can go either way is determined by your Tires, Suspension and differential, so you can make changes to these if you want more options either way.

If you go for more grip, you will be able to brake more easily when going into corners, and focus on acceleration. If you want more speed in corners, and to make Drift Activation easier, you can go more towards Drift.

Steering Sensitivity

This determines how twitchy your car might be when trying to steer it. If you have low sensitivity, the steering will be slower and less responsive, but ultimately more stable.

If you have high sensitivity, then your car will react quickly when you try to steer the car. This helps you to react quickly to make corners, or even avoid other cars that are coming towards you.

It does, however, on the higher sensitivity, mean it is easier to spin the car when entering a drift, as the car will be more twitchy when trying to control the drift with your steering through the corner.

Traction Control

If you feel that your car is entering drifts unwanted, or maybe is sliding more out of control than you would like, then Traction Control may need to be activated.

By activating this you will have increased stability, meaning it is harder for the car to slide, and will stop those unwanted entries into a drift.

It can also help you have more grip on Race starts as you are less likely to wheelspin; however, you will find it harder to drift, so if drifting is something you like to do, Traction Control will hinder this.

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