Netflix Announces Castlevania: Nocturne During Geeked Week

Netflix has just announced Castlevania: Nocturne, a brand new Castlevania spinoff series that will pick up where Castlevania Season 3 left off. The show was greenlit last year during Geeked Week, and this year’s festivities have brought us the show’s name and very first teaser trailer.

Richter Belmont will star in Castlevania: Nocturne. The son of Sypha and Trevor Belmont, Richter inherits his parents vampire-hunting name and abilities. Set in 1792 during the French Revolution, Richter’s story will undoubtedly take him up against fearsome monsters both human and demon alike.

"Castlevania: Nocturne follows Richter, a descendant of the Belmont family," reads the teaser description, "popularized in the iconic Symphony of Night and Blood of Rondo Castlevania games."

We know from last year the Belmont will be joined by Maria Renard, the other main character that first appeared in 1993’s Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (later released in the west as Castlevania: Dracula X). The two have also appeared in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Castlevania: Nocturne of Reflection, and Castlevania: Harmony of Despair.

The show will be produced by Project 51 Productions with Powerhouse Animation providing services. Kevin Kolde will be showrunner while Norturne’s writing will come courtesy of Clive Bradley. The original Castlevania showrunner and writer Warren Ellis will not be involved.

The trailer doesn't really provide us much to go on, and neither do the previous games, which feature plots that don't really jive with the end of Castlevania Season 3. With Dracula on his second honeymoon, it seems unlikely that Richter will have to hunt down the most powerful vampire in the world, but perhaps Castlevania: Nocturne will start with a big twist.

Netflix also announced Dragon Age: Absolution earlier today as a possible animated tie-in to Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. The show will star all-new characters, including an elf, a human, a Qunari, and a dwarf. Netflix didn't provide release dates for either Dragon Age or Castlevania.

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