NetherRealm Could Be Working On A Marvel Fighting Game, According To Insider

Marvel fans might be in store for some good news from the gaming universe, as there have been rumors going around saying that NetherRealm Studios might be working on a Marvel fighting game.

Hints of a possible Marvel fighting game being developed by the masters of the combat genre, NetherRealm, would finally mean a possible arrival of an above par Marvel game – something fans haven’t really gotten from previous projects, mostly the Marvel vs Capcom series. Despite the television world of Marvel being blockbuster with each release, they haven’t done that well – and when you compare them to the games DC has had over the years, Marvel just gets put to shame.

The Injustice games by NetherRealm have been a major hit, with extensive and deep storylines, excellent gameplay and detailed visuals. You wouldn’t expect any less from the developer, considering its been behind the much popular Mortal Kombat titles. When rumor broke out from respected leaker Daniel Richtman, reported by StealthOperational, it brought along hopes of perhaps Marvel getting similar treatment in a fighting game, and perhaps catching up to DC in that field. This would come as a surprise though, considering Warner Bros owns NetherRealm – but it wouldn’t rule out the possibility nonetheless.

An idea proposed amongst fans is that perhaps the game NetherRealm is working on is a crossover title between Marvel and DC, and maybe fans would finally see Iron Man battling it out with Batman in a game. However, that does seem a bit far-fetched, and it would definitely be peculiar to see the two industry giants teaming up for a video game.

Amongst other far-fetched ideas though, is a cheeky proposal made by the man behind the Injustice and Mortal Kombat games, Ed Boon. He tweets suggesting Zack Snyder to use Injustice as inspiration for the sequel to his Justice League production – and frankly, not many would mind seeing that happen. Injustice, especially the second part, Gods Among Us, is known for its dark and extensive storylines, which would perfectly fit Snyder’s grim way of direction – along with both portraying Superman as an eventual villain.

Nevertheless, whatever’s cooking in the studio at NetherRealm, we will have to wait quite a bit, as it will most likely be years before we see a new game from them in the market.

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