New Awakening System Revives Free-To-Play Fighting Game KurtzPel

Video game developer KOG Games (Elsword, GrandChase) recently announced the addition of the brand new Awakening System to its free-to-play anime action battle game KurtzPel. The new system features the Awakening Gauge gameplay mechanic that lets you increase your character’s Karma level cap, and unlocks new normal and passive character skills.

The new Awakening System went live on January 13 and can be unlocked via an Awakening Quest once your character reaches Lv. 20 and Karma Lv. 6. The system expands your Karma skill tree with the Awakening Gauge mechanic, launched with the Dance of the Wind and Sword Taliah Karmas, and even includes additional skill slots.

According to the latest KurtzPel Weekly Maintenance Schedule & Patch Notes, the Awakening Quest can be received from “the NPC inside Eltheca”, which can then be completed by playing dungeons within your character’s level range. Completing the Awakening Quest will reward you with “an item that will unlock your awakening.” You can also unlock your Awakening “by purchasing Awakening Tomes in the KP Shop.”

With your Awakening unlocked, the Awakening Gauge becomes usable while in dungeons. Dealing damage to monsters fills up the Gauge with an amount equal to the amount of damage you do. The more damage you do, the faster it fills up. When the Awakening Gauge is filled, you can activate your Awakening to buff “your movement speed, attack power, stamina recovery, and mana recovery” for a set amount of time. Also while your Awakening is active, performing a perfect dodge from an enemy attack will buff your character even more.

Characters who reach Karma Lv. 10 unlock the Awakening Rage Skill for use while your character is Awakened. The notes don’t say exactly what buffs are granted to your character with this Skill, only that it can be activated once the rage bar is full, and that it “must be used before the Awakening effect expires.”

To help keep gameplay fair across all the game mode, the devs note that “the Awakening Effect, Skill Slot Expansions and Awakening Rage Skills will be disabled in any Player vs Player content” in the official press release. They add that you’ll “be able to use the newly added Normal Skill and Passive Skills in both game modes.”

For more KurtzPel and its Awakening System info, check the game’s website, as well as its Twitter and YouTube channels.

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