New Exoprimal Trailer Shows Dinosaur Tornado

Exoprimal is Capcom's Left 4 Dead but with exosuits and dinosaurs instead of survivors and zombies. It's basically the only elevator pitch that could improve on Left 4 Dead. During tonight's Capcom Showcase at the Summer Game Fest we got a new gameplay trailer that showed the true absurdity of the dinosaur hordes, including a velociraptor tornado. Yes, you read that right.

In Dino Survival, the game's story mode, you'll team up and face off against other players as you race to finish missions. Dinosaur Cull will see you killing a specific dino. VTOL defence will have you, well, defending a crashed aircraft as waves of dinosaurs swarm you, pretty self-explanatory.

There's also Data Key Security where you'll have to capture a specific target. There's also Omega Charge, a game mode in which you need to use the devastating Omega Hammer to destroy an objective. And, finally, Energy Taker, which looks like a mode where you collect various energy modules. But, why is all this happening? An evil AI called Levithan has trapped you and others in the neverending War Games, where it'll send waves and waves of dinosaurs after you, for, reasons. It seems to harbour contempt for us humans and our desire for evolution without change and our fear of the "other".

Something called the Carnage Module was also revealed, wherein you'll face off against ceaseless hordes of dino foes. The stars of the show were definitely the dinosaur tornado and the Neo-Tyrannosaurs, something we saw a humanoid Levitahn summoning from a twisted orb of dripping black.

We also got to see the exosuits in action. Two were described in detail, Barrage and Vigilant, assault suits that specialise in explosives and sniper rifles respectively. Barrage uses ricocheting grenades while Vigilant favours a destructive railgun.

Exoprimal is coming in 2023, but if you can't wait that long you can always head over to the game's website to register for the closed network test which will give you early access to some of the story mode.

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