New Fire Emblem Has Been "Finished For Over A Year" Alleges Nintendo Insider

According to Nintendo insider Emily Rogers, a new Fire Emblem has been finished "for over a year" and was initially planned to tie into the series' 30th anniversary back in 2020.

As reported by VGC, this new Fire Emblem is reportedly a "collaboration between Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo, and Gust (a division of Koei Tecmo Holdings)," while the graphics are, as expected, "an improvement over Three Houses."

Rogers' claims have since been backed up by leaked screenshots shared on ResetEra that show an avatar with "strange red and blue hair." According to Rogers, "their mother is a dragon." The leaked photos also corroborate the claim that this new Fire Emblem will let you summon characters from previous games, tying into the original idea for a 30th-anniversary celebration.

What's of note is that this leaked Fire Emblem is a new mainline game, not a spin-off. The last main Fire Emblem—Three Houses—launched three years ago on July 26, 2019, so a new game releasing soon would line up. Although, despite claims that it's been finished for a year, it's unclear when we can expect it to launch as it hasn't even been officially announced yet.

Until then, we have Three Hopes to look forward to, a new spin-off set in the same world as Three Houses. In our preview, Editor-in-Chief Stacey Henley called it "hectic", adding that "the gameplay is good enough to keep people strapped in for the ride, but not enough to carry it if the narrative falls apart."

It's bringing back Byleth, the protagonist of Three Houses, who will now play the role of villain. But as Byleth was a protagonist, their gender was left up to us and so, in Three Hopes, we get to "select the Ashen Demon's form," choosing if they're a man or woman.

As the old protagonist is now the new villain, you'll get to play a new mercenary called Shez with three factions to choose from—Scarlet Blaze, Golden Wildfire, or Azure Gleam. It launches on June 24 so there's something to tie you over until this new mainline entry gets announced and released.

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