New Game From Ghostwire: Tokyo Devs Leaks Before Xbox Showcase

Microsoft has an Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Direct scheduled for tomorrow, with expectations that we'll be seeing more of the likes of Redfall, Forza Motorsport, along with some new titles, but one of these appears to have been leaked ahead of time.

Dealabs leaker BillbiKun has shared on their Twitter page the purported next game from Tango Gameworks. The game is currently unannounced but is said to be called Hi-Fi Rush or Project Hibiki (thanks Eurogamer). But that's not all, trademarks and supposed concept art have also been shared on Reddit.

Tango Gameworks might be best known for Ghostwire: Tokyo, which was a PS5 exclusive as well as being released for PC, although there could be a possibility that it could come to Xbox this year. The Japanese studio was founded by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami before being acquired by ZeniMax Media who own Bethesda. When Microsoft

acquired Zenimax Media in March 2021, Tango Gameworks came along with it and is now part of Xbox Game Studios.

Over on Resetera, concept art has been shown including a character design and some environmental art. The images suggest a sci-fi shooter with gleaming, industrial surfaces and a bald-headed woman in an orange jumpsuit equipped with a blaster weapon of some kind.

It appears ZeniMax Media trademarked the name Hi-Fi Rush in 2020 for mobile, PC, and console, with a logo for the title popping up three months ago. While the images and suggestions are for a shooter, there are rumours the game could be a rhythm based brawler set in Japan. These are tentative comments though, and if it does appear we should be learning more in Xbox and Bethesda's showcase tomorrow.

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