New Gameplay Today – Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The release date for Fire Emblem: Three Houses is right around the corner (July 26), and we have high hopes for it. The long-running strategy/RPG series has surged in popularity in recent years, adding new twists and more social elements. Three Houses is the first game since 2007’s Radiant Dawn built for a home console.  To say there’s some hype around it is an understatement. 

On the latest New Gameplay Today, we were able to show off some small portions of the game. Nintendo would only allow three 5-minute clips to be put on display at this time. We still covered the basics, showing members of the three houses, a battle, and life at the monastery. Watch the video above to see me explain to Javy and Cork the finer points about being a professor and what your students bring to the table.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses launches on July 26 for Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned for our review hitting around that time. 

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