NEW Nintendo Switch console REVEALED at E3 – But it’s only launching in Japan

The Nintendo Switch 2 may have been absent from the E3 2019 Direct conference, but that doesn’t mean a new Switch isn’t coming out.

Indeed, Nintendo has unveiled a brand new Switch console, which will launch later this year.

The Nintendo Switch Dragon Quest XI Edition features a brand new design themed after the popular gaming series.

It features two blue Joy-Cons adorned with Dragon Quest’s iconic Slimes.

The back of the console also depicts some of the game’s legendary enemies, while the dock comes in black with a sword and shield symbol.

The console has a September release date, but is only launching in Japan – where it costs 39,960 Yen (£290).

It comes with a copy of Dragon Quest XI for Nintendo Switch, as well as bonus DLC.

Square Enix and Nintendo are also planning to release a unique new accessory when the game launches in September.

As you can see further down the page, the companies are working on a new Pro Controller for Switch.

Shaped like a Slime and sporting a blue motif, the Dragon Quest Slime Controller is created by Hori.

There’s no word on a UK or US release, so it looks like an import is on the cards.

Dragon Quest Echoes of an Elusive Age: Definitive Edition was given a September 27 release date during the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct.

The Nintendo Switch port is packed with content, adding new character-specific stories, fully orchestrated field and battle music and additional monsters to ride.

According to Square Enix, new side-quests will transport players in past Dragon Quest worlds.

Players can also speed up battle sequences and select Japanese or English voice acting.

But perhaps best of all is the ability to switch between HD and retro-inspired 16-bit visuals.

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