New Pokemon Snap: Off To A Flying Startle Request Guide

New Pokemon Snap’s various Requests can be tough to complete, especially when some of the hints are so cryptic. You can throw your Fluffruit, bombard with Illumina Orbs, or play music, but sometimes those Requests just won’t click for you, and your strategies will be all wrong.

The fact is that many Requests in New Pokemon Snap are just too unusual to complete without knowing what the Request will involve in advance, and that’s exactly the case with this Request, Off To A Flying Startle.

The hint is in the name, a Pokemon is flying, and gets startled, but by what, and how, is another question entirely. But that’s what this guide is for, and down below we’re going to break down everything you need to know to complete this Request in New Pokemon Snap, including where it is, which Pokemon it involves, and which picture will help you complete this challenge.

How To Complete The Off To A Flying Startle Request In New Pokemon Snap

This Request takes place in Florio Nature Park during Park (Day). This Request was completed for us on the maximum Research Level, but it should be available to complete at any Research Level.

This Request involves Taillow, the small bird Pokemon. There’s a certain part of this stage where they fly past, and you can make them perform a special animation, a picture of which will complete the Request.

You will want to head to the large open space, just past the Heracross on the tree and the Crystalbloom. This is the area where you can see the Bidoof dam come into view. A Dodrio will appear on your left and start running around the stage – this Pokemon will be your cue for when the Taillow are due to appear.

Watch the Dodrio. It will run around before going over the bridge and investigating something. Following that, it will jump over the river, close towards you. When it does this, several Taillow will fly past from the left, to the right. It might take a few seconds. These are the Pokemon that you need to photograph.

You won’t need to play a song or start throwing anything either – these Pokemon actually become startled when you take a picture of them. That’s right, it’s as simple as that, so if you quickly snap a pic as they fly by, they should stop for a second and flutter in the air. This is the animation you want, so you best start snapping.

This is a fairly simple Request really, and you should be able to get a decent picture. The only downside to this is that this picture is only actually worth two stars, which means you will likely have already have a two-star picture in your Photodex that is worth more points. Regardless of whether this picture is added to your Photodex, it will complete this Request.

Once you head back to the Camp menu make sure to press Y to get to your Requests menu, and complete this Request. Unfortunately there is no reward for this particular Request – shame.

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