New Resident Evil game revealed, but it’s not coming to PS4 or Xbox One, for now

There’s a slim chance that we somehow get the game over here, VR arcades are becoming more popular as the technology becomes cheaper, plus some of us have a multitude of VR headsets at home as well.

Well, unless you’re on Xbox One, who don’t appear to be in any hurry to adopt VR anytime soon. Even if they do it’s likely going to be some sort of Xbox Scarlett integration, possibly with Oculus Rift S if you believe certain rumours.

We can’t imagine that coming until “Holiday 2020” at the earliest along with the new console launch.

It’s just hard to imagine that this Biohazard Valiant Raid is going to do well enough to warrant all of the effort that would be involved in transferring it over. 

In the meantime, maybe ask Capcom nicely and they could get the game over here, it’s not unheard of for fan demand to result in positive action. Just be nice about it, nobody treats a spoiled child.


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