Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors – How To Escape The 1st Class Cabin

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Behind Door 5 in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, you will come across the 1st Class Cabin. This is a large living space made out of several smaller rooms, meant for upper-class guests. Instead of living in luxury, you need to make your escape.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to successfully escape the 1st Class Cabin. Similar to our other 999 room walkthroughs, you will not find any story spoilers here. Prior to escaping, let's look at the layout and each smaller room that you can find in the 1st Class Cabin.

1st Class Cabin Layout

As mentioned above, the 1st Class Cabin is made of several smaller rooms. Upon entering, you will be in the bedroom. This is a large room with a bed, dresser, and piano in the corner.

In the bedroom, you will find a door leading into a closet, as well as a door leading into a hallway.

The hallway is fairly small and has two doors; one leads to a toilet room, and the other leads to a room holding a bathtub and sink.

On the other side of the hallway, you will find a living room, complete with a couch, table, and fireplace.

How To Escape The 1st Class Cabin

Now it's time to make your grand escape! Starting from the bedroom, go to the bed and search underneath the pillow. Here, you will find an item called Score Plate (A).

Turn towards the closet (this is the door on the right) and open the door. Inside, you will find a safe with a cabinet underneath. At the moment, you will not be able to open the safe, but you can grab Score Plate (B) from inside the cabinet.

After grabbing both plates, head through the door on the left into the hallway, and continue to the living room. Turn to face the door that you came through, and inspect the blue vase to add it to your inventory.

To the right of where you grabbed the blue vase, you can open the closet door and find Score Plate (G) inside the cabinet.

From here, go back through the hallway and enter the bathroom. The tub will be filled up with water, so you can fill the vase up.

With the vase filled up, unplug the sink to let the water drain out. Once all the water has been drained, you can grab Score Plate (D) from the bottom.

Return to the living room and face the fireplace; you will catch a glimpse of something hidden in the flames, but need to put the fire out first to grab it. Using the vase full of water, put out the fire and take the unlabeled score plate.

At this point, you should have four blue score plates with associated letters in your inventory, and one blank score plate that is an off-white color.

With all the plates in hand, go to the bedroom and approach the piano. Grab the ship map from the music stand, and then place all the score plates on it, so that they are stacked. Junpei will do this automatically for you.

Now it's time to put your music skills to the test. Unfortunately, the keys on the piano are off. In the image above, you can check out all 12 notes that you are supposed to hit. You only need to use four notes for this section, making it pretty simple to play the correct tune.

After the correct notes have been played, the door will open, and you can escape!

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