Nintendo Encourages Fans To Replay Mario Odyssey, Possibly Hinting At An Update

Nintendo appears to be sending out emails encouraging fans to replay Super Mario Odyssey, igniting hype that news of an update is on the way. More optimistic fans are hoping that Nintendo is gauging interest for DLC or even a sequel, perhaps coinciding with the premiere of The Super Mario Bros. Movie later this year.

Fans are sharing the emails online, showing that they are being heavily encouraged to pick the 2017 platformer once more. In the email, fans are told that there "may be even more out there still to be discovered." This has some hoping that Nintendo plans to come out with a surprise update much as it did with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, breathing new life into an older release.

"Mario's debut adventure on Nintendo Switch was his most unique one yet," reads the email being shared online. "The Mushroom Kingdom's main-man certainly saw some sights."

It continues, drawing players back in: "But there may be even more out there still to be discovered. Perhaps it's worth hopping aboard The Odyssey once more and taking the trip all over again."

The email then goes over all of the collectables and areas in the game that the player may have missed the first time around. However, since this seems to be being sent to those who have already purchased the game, it's unclear why Nintendo would encourage them to play if it doesn't have an announcement planned, since it won't make money from these players otherwise.

It also isn't too farfetched to believe that Nintendo would update the game after so long. While a sequel might be asking for too much, we've already seen Nintendo go back to an older game that's still a lot of fun and give it more content, rather than fix what isn't broken. And the Super Mario Bros. Movie gives the company a perfect opportunity to sell the game to a wider audience, and that's already set to premiere in April.

So far, nothing has been officially confirmed. But it's safe to assume that something is happening with the game. It remains to be seen if this comes to fruition as we get closer to the film's release.

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