Nintendo Patents Show Off New Breath Of The Wild 2 Gameplay Mechanics

Nintendo has filed patents for several new gameplay features in the Breath of the Wild 2, giving us a closer look at some of the new things that Link can do.

When Nintendo shared the first gameplay trailer for Breath of the Wild 2, fans noticed that Link could be seen performing several new moves in the trailer. It wasn't clear how much control the player had over them, but it looked like Link could phase through the ground like an Inkling, reverse time for certain objects, and free-fall through the air, similarly to Skyward Sword.

As reported by Gamereactor, Nintendo has filed patents for all three of these gameplay mechanics, revealing a little more about how they work. The first of these is the phasing through the ground move we saw Link perform, which sees him phasing through a ceiling like a reversed drop of water. The patent for this move reveals that it can be performed at any time, as long as Link can reach the top.

The second patented move is a little simpler. At one point in the trailer, we saw Link rewind the trajectory of a spiky steel ball to go back up a hill. As you might expect, the patent shows that Link can rewind time for certain objects, with the amount of time that they're reversed shown by a gauge next to Link, similarly to his own stamina meter. It's a little tough to make out exactly what items Link can reverse from the diagram, but it would make sense if it was only ones that have been in motion.

The final patented ability is the free-falling move that we saw in the trailer. Interestingly, the description that goes along with the diagram reveals that Link can fall in several different positions, such as being able to dive or fall backwards, and that Link can also shoot arrows whilst falling in this state. Link could shoot in the air in the first game, but the implication here is that air combat will be a deeper focus.

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