Nintendo should remake Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link – Reader’s Feature

A reader explains why he thinks Nintendo should remake the least popular Zelda and turn it into a more cheerful version of Dark Souls.

The Legend Of Zelda has always been my favourite video game series. Since playing the original on the NES all those years ago I’ve been playing it basically as long as I’ve been playing video games. And while some are better than others none of them even get close to being bad. Except for one.

If you’re a Zelda fan than you know which one it is, the only numbered sequel and the only other entry to be released on the NES. It’s also the only one to deviate wildly from the Zelda formula, because at that time it wasn’t really a formula, it was just one game and they wanted to do something different for the follow-up – which in theory I’m all for.

Zelda II has been re-released many times (it’s currently on the Nintendo Switch Online service) so it’s not as if they try to pretend it doesn’t exist, but very few of its ideas made it into any of the other games. Although Zelda II is where Dark Link and the Triforce of Courage first appeared, and it was also the first to have metered magic abilities and proper non-player characters that are wandering around doing their own things. Important enough additions but ones that could’ve come in any of the games really.

What makes it stand out though is that Zelda II is an actual proper action role-playing game. Zelda games often get called role-playing games but they’re really not, not even Breath Of The Wild – which probably comes the closest otherwise. You’re not a role-playing game unless you have stats and an experience point system, where something other than your own innate skill is driving the ability of your player character.

But Zelda II has that. You earn experience points as you compete in random battles and these help raise three separate stats (attack, magic, and life). And yet combined with this completely un-Zelda like system, which is much more like a traditional role-playing game, you’ve got a combat system that is much more like an action game.

When you get into a fight the view switches from top-down to side-on and you’ve suddenly got a relatively wide range of attacks to use; while dungeons and other areas are portrayed as full-on 2D platform areas. It really is nothing like the original Zelda or anything that came after (although Link’s Awakening did have a few short 2D areas).

Put all together this made the game very difficult and quite frustrating to play – I’m not sure suggesting it was a great game by any means – but I think it would be a great foundation for a remake and a way to make a very different feeling, modern Zelda. A remake would almost be like a cheerier version of Dark Souls, except with busier towns filled with people to talk to. Does that not sound like a great direction to take things?

Of course, Breath Of The Wild 2 is the next big game in the series but the remake of Link’s Awakening shows that Nintendo is not adverse to having smaller projects in-between the big sequels – especially remakes. So If I was advising them I’d definitely make the next one Zelda II.

There’s also the little bonus that, as far as I understand the timeline (and it is pretty complicated), Zelda II is canonically the most recent game in the series, which is why it’s the only one with a number after its name. Everything else happened before it, chronologically speaking, so if they were to remake Zelda II they’d then have the perfect excuse to make something else that took place after it and advance the timeline forward for the first time in 32 years…

By reader Doshin

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