Nintendo Switch Pro CANCELLED? Shock news for Zelda and Mario fans

Nintendo Switch Pro has been the subject of intense speculation in 2019.

It had long been rumoured that the House of Mario were preparing a mid-generation upgrade for the Nintendo Switch.

According to the rumour mill, this would have been an upgrade akin to what Sony and Microsoft did with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X respectively.

Alleged leaks claimed Nintendo had two new Switch consoles in the works – a handheld only version and a Switch Pro.

And after months of speculation one of these consoles, the handheld only Switch Lite, was announced by Ninty a few weeks ago.

As per the rumours, the Switch Lite is a cheaper, lighter, and smaller Switch that features non-removable Joy-Cons.

The Switch Lite is out in September, and following the console’s reveal fans were left wondering if a Switch Pro would also get announced by Nintendo.

And Nintendo once again surprised fans by announcing a new Switch, but it wasn’t quite the announcement gamers had been expecting.

The House of Mario has confirmed that a revised Switch will be replacing the current model later this year.

The revamped Switch will start shipping in Japan in August, while it will be available in the UK in September.

It will cost exactly the same price, and will still be called the Nintendo Switch – not Switch Pro, Switch 2 or New Nintendo Switch.

The revamped model is simply an updated model, but it will bring with it one big difference to fans.

The upcoming updated Switch features significantly better battery life – the current Switch has an estimated battery life of between 2.5 and 6.5 hours.

The revamped Switch, which has the HAC-001(-01) model code, has an estimated battery life of 4.5 and nine hours.

This is a big improvement to battery life, and will come in especially handy for those that mainly play the Switch in handheld mode.

But, according to tweeter Nibel, this is what the long rumoured more powerful Switch actually is.

In a series of tweets Nibel posted: “There we go: New Switch model announced with better battery life.

“New model has 4.5-9 hours of battery life (before: 2.5-6.5). Same price as the OG model. Will launch at the end of August.

“So yeah: this is the long-rumored ‘more powerful; model that is slightly enhanced (no mid-gen update or a ‘Pro’).

“This also fits with Doug Bowser’s statement that Switch Lite would be the only new noticeable Switch hardware this holiday”.

The news comes after Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser said a Switch Pro won’t be out in 2019 during an interview with Cnet.

They reported: “The Lite isn’t a sequel to the Switch. It’s more of a lower-cost spin-off.

“It’ll also be the only new Nintendo Switch hardware this holiday, as Bowser says the larger Switch won’t get an upgrade right now.”

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