Nioh 2: Everything You Need To Know About Character Creation Codes

To say that Nioh 2's character creation system is deep would be a massive understatement. Nearly every possible aspect of your character's look can be customized. It's possible to spend hours just getting the perfect look without ever touching the actual gameplay. Once you've put all that effort into your finely-tuned appearance, why not share your creation with the world?

Every possible character appearance in Nioh 2 has a unique Character Code. This allows players to get the look they want just by copying and pasting. Read on to learn everything there is to know about Character Codes. Whether you want to show your skills or input your favorite code from the community, we've got you covered.

Character Creation Codes

  • Go to the character creation screen. This appears after the opening cinematic when starting a new game, or can be accessed from the Hut in an existing campaign.
  • Go to "Additional Options." Note that this is a button input rather than a menu selection.
  • At the bottom of the Additional Options menu are two selections; "Create/Manage Character Creation Codes" and "Input Character Creation Code."
  • Selecting "Create/Manage Character Creation Codes" will allow you to generate a code for your current appearance or apply a code you've previously generated or entered.
  • Selecting "Input Character Creation Code" will allow you to enter a code that was generated on a different copy of the game, adding it to your available looks.
  • To share a code, simply copy and paste it, then post it online or send it to a friend. Anyone who enters your code via the Input option will be able to play with the character appearance you've designed.
  • Character Creation Codes generated on the PlayStation version of Nioh 2 do not work on the PC version, and vice versa. This is because each character is saved to the cloud; rather than acting as a password that quickly adjusts settings when entered, each code directs the game to a server location to retrieve the saved build. The PC version and PS version of the game use different servers, and so cannot retrieve each other's character looks.

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