No, That Probably Isn’t A Mega Ring In The Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet got a new trailer earlier this week, and it's been out for long enough that fans have started combing through it, frame-by-frame, for any and all missed details, hints, clues, tidbits, breadcrumbs, and morsels. Some hopefuls believe they saw a Mega Ring or something similar, but we've got some bad news for you, it's probably just a glove.

As pointed out by Serebii's Joe Merrick, the potential Mega Ring in question is an embellishment on a pair of gloves a person can be seen wearing in the trailer. Since it's on both gloves, it's most likely just decoration or a button or something, not a fancy new or old Pokemon gimmick.

There are other trainers in the game who are seen wearing gloves – it's really not new, Ash does in the anime, too. Nemoana has a pretty cool one, but it could be to help her with her Poke Ball throwing. Apparently, she's not too good at it.

A lot of the replies agree with Merrick that it's probably nothing. One shared a picture of someone analysing a bracelet and another person replying, "its a bracelet bro go outside."

Another reply read, "this is a clear example when people want so badly something, they are going to see everything as a hint who goes their way…" When we get over-excited about a new game, it's easy to over-analyse and see connections that really aren't there. Still, it's nice to dream. Each Gen has introduced a new gimmick, so it wouldn't be surprising for Scarlet & Violet to have something.

Two big new features coming to the games are four-player co-op and the ability to tackle the game's world in a completely open fashion.

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