One Cyberpunk 2077 Player Has An, Erm, Creative Solution For Photo Mode Lighting

It can be easy to forget thanks to the onslaught of bug-filled videos filling social media, but Cyberpunk 2077 has a photo mode. And it’s pretty good, too. You can take any character from the game, pose them however you want, apply filters, expressions, different backgrounds, and do almost anything you can think of to get that picture-perfect shot.

Sometimes though, Cyberpunk’s photo mode falls short. You just need that little extra something to really set the mood. Lighting is so important in photography that professionals are willing to do anything to get it just so.

Including Redditor Jchysteria, who found the perfect way to get the perfect lighting is to break a man in half.

Up top, we see the fruits of Jchysteria’s labor–an ideal image of Judy Alvarez sitting on the side of her tub next to her shop, a sad expression perfectly complimenting this depressing image.

And then below, we see how Jchysteria managed to get Judy lit from below. That dude got stuffed upside-down and snapped his own neck just so he could have a flashlight slightly right of Judy’s feet.

It’s a great shot and all, but we’re wondering if the medical bills are worth it.

Cyberpunk 2077 is still the talk of the town, but not exactly for the right reasons. The game released with so many bugs, glitches, and just overall poor performance that both Sony and Microsoft are offering refunds for digital purchases, while developer CD Projekt Red is offering refunds for physical games. The company’s stock price tanked following Cyberpunk’s release, and now there’s talk of class-action lawsuits accusing CD Projekt Red of misleading both gamers and investors about Cyberpunk 2077’s quality.

And just a week later, Cyberpunk 2077 is no longer the top-seller on the UK sales charts. We’re guessing the news is out there and most people are willing to wait on Cyberpunk for a few patches at least.

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