One D&D’s Next Unearthed Arcana Showcases Changes For Rogues, Bards, And Rangers

Testing is underway for One D&D, the next iteration of Dungeons & Dragons. Last month, players got to see the new character origins options that will be coming in the next edition of D&D, and tomorrow, Unearthed Arcana will reveal even more changes to skill checks, attack rolls, spells, and more.

One of the biggest changes coming will be the new character class groups. Each class will be part of a named group, such as "experts" or "warriors," and each group will have access to certain feats. Tomorrow's Unearthed Arcana will deal exclusively with the "expert" class, which includes the Bard, Ranger, and Rogue. Each character in this group will get the "expertise" feature (yes, even the Ranger), and each will be an expert in their chosen field, whether that be picking locks, singing songs, or forming a lifelong pairing with a creature that would normally want to rip your face off.

Class groups won’t just make it easier to track down appropriate feats, but it’ll also make it easier for new players to create balanced parties. The new rules will suggest players choose a character class from each of the new class groups to avoid having a party that’s all squishy spellcasters or tanky fighters that can’t deal with magical opponents.

In addition to the new groups, each class will also get new subclasses. Tomorrow's Unearthed Arcana will only have one additional subclass, but D&D design architect Jeremy Crawford mentioned that the final combined tally of all the new and old subclasses will total 48.

Spells are also getting new groupings. Primal, Arcane, and Divine spell lists will be part of the next Unearthed Arcana. Rangers will only be able to use Primal spells, while Bards will be able to tap into all three spell types. Ritual spellcasting will also become available to every class, so long as that class can learn the spell and the spell has the ritual tag.

There's more, including new feat and inspiration rules, but you'll have to sign up to playtest One D&D over on DnD Beyond. The new Unearthed Arcana drops tomorrow.

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