One Piece Codes Aren’t Working In India

Bad news for Indian gamers. Those looking to dive into One Piece Odyssey will have to find a platform other than Steam. There’s no listing for One Piece Odyssey on Steam’s storefront, and Steam keys purchased from third-party resellers aren’t working either.

We’ll turn to Twitter user @RishiAlwani’s story of trying to get One Piece Odyssey on Steam and failing at every turn. Unable to purchase the game directly, he turned to, which said that it had keys for One Piece Odyssey that would work in India for the price of 3,600 rupees (roughly $45 USD). But after trying to activate the key on Steam, Rishi was told that the game was region locked.

You might think this might be somehow related to game piracy, but other Bandai Namco titles like Dark Souls and Tekken 7 are available on Steam in India. Rishi noted in his Twitter thread that several past Dragon Ball titles had a similar issue to One Piece Odyssey, such as Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. It took years for those games to become available directly from Steam, with Bandai Namco explaining in a statement to Gadgets360 that the problem stems from a licensing issue. One assumes that a similar licensing issue surrounds One Piece in India and prevents the game from being sold digitally.

"Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia currently does not carry the rights to sell or distribute Dragon Ball Fighterz in India," the publisher wrote. "We apologise that we are unable to comment on the availability of the game in that market currently."

Rishi was eventually able to get a refund from and found a PS5 copy of Odyssey on the "grey market." Unfortunate that he had to resort to such methods just to play a new release, but hopefully Bandai Namco will address this One Piece issue in due time.

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