One Piece Odyssey: Achievement/Trophy Guide

If you're jumping into One Piece Odyssey in the hope to unlock every accolade in the game, you've got a brilliant, yet monumental challenge ahead of you. This is mostly due to the time it takes to finish the game with all the additional tasks needed for each accolade. We've got the full list below, so you can plan out your odyssey.

It's time to set aside many hours, as you're going to need them. One Piece Odyssey is a big game, with plenty of content to get through. Away from the main story, there are plenty of side quests, as well as bounties to capture, and frayed memories to explore.

Accolade Title

Accolade Condition

High Leveler

Got everyone past level 70

Challenge Enemy Conqueror

Defeat all the powerful challenge enemies twice or more

Chapter 1 Clear

Cleared chapter 1

Chapter 2 Clear

Cleared chapter 2

Chapter 3 Clear

Cleared chapter 3

Chapter 4 Clear

Cleared chapter 4

Chapter 5 Clear

Cleared chapter 5

Chapter 6 Clear

Cleared chapter 6

Chapter 7 Clear

Cleared chapter 7

Chapter 8 Clear

Cleared chapter 8

Final Chapter Clear

Cleared the final chapter

Pit Stop Pro

Cleared all side stories

Bounty Hunter

Turned in all bounties

Certified Fray Fixer

Cleared all Memory Links

Top Cook

Made all recipes

Trick Ball Whizz

Made all Trick Balls

Treasure Hunter

Opened all the locked treasure chests

Challenge Enemy Beginner

Defeat one powerful challenge enemy

Battle Master

Won 300 battles

Journeyman Cook

Made 10 recipes

Trick Ball Beginner

Made 10 trick balls

Craft Enthusiast

Fused 5 accessories

Chasing Champion

Fused 30 accessories

Jewelry Master

Made an accessory with 4 effects

Pit Stop Amateur

Cleared 10 side stories

Journeyman Hunter

Turned in 10 bounties

Fixed a Fray

Cleared 5 Memory Links

Party Animal

Had 30 parties


Collected 99 Yaya Cubes

Cube Collector: Luffy

Collected 50 of Luffy's cube fragments

Cube Collector: Zoro

Collected 50 of Zoro's cube fragments

Cube Collector: Nami

Collected 50 of Nami's cube fragments

Cube Collector: Usopp

Collected 50 of Usopp's cube fragments

Cube Collector: Sanji

Collected 50 of Sanji's cube fragments

Cube Collector: Chopper

Collected 50 of Chopper's cube fragments

Cube Collector: Robin

Collected 50 of Robin's cube fragments

Cube Collector: Franky

Collected 50 of Franky's cube fragments

Cube Collector: Brook

Collected 50 of brook's cube fragments

Savings Savant

Obtained a total of 20,000,000 berries

Bond Battler

Activated 20 Bond Arts

Singular Strike

Did more than 10,000 damage to an enemy with a single attack

Gum-Gum Rocket

Traveled with Gum-Gum Rocket 100 times

Iron Door Slicer

Cut 20 doors with Zoro's Door Slice

Usopp's Slingshot

Used Usopp's Shot 100 times

Archaeologist's Appraisal

Robin collected 20 items with Archaeologist's Appraisals

Cook's Nose

Sanji collected 25 items with Cook's Nose

Treasure Sensor

Nami collected 25 items with Treasure Sensor

Franky Skywalk

Built a bridge 10 times with Franky Skywalk


Won 50 battles

Escape is Victory

Ran from three battles

Odyssey Master (Platinum Trophy)

The Mark of a True Adventurer (PlayStation Only)

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