One Piece Odyssey Will Feature Turn-Based Combat

If you haven’t heard, Bandai Namco is currently hard at work on a new One Piece game, One Piece Odyssey. While not much has been revealed since the game’s announcement back in March, an update to its official website is teasing what fans can expect. According to the site, the JRPG is going to offer a complete roleplaying experience with the use of a turn-based combat system.

Back in March, Bandai Namco announced that fans would be getting a brand new adventure set in the world of One Piece on PC and console sometime this year. Along with the announcement, the studio released a trailer that showed how the entire Straw Hat pirate gang is going to be involved in story. This includes Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Tony Tony Chopper, Usopp, Nico Robin, and more. Plus, it was revealed that One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda would be crafting an original story for the game. That story would involve the Straw Hat gang exploring a mysterious island filled with creatures and certain danger.

However, in the months since the announcement, not a lot of information has been revealed on what fans can expect from One Piece Odyssey. Luckily, an update to the game’s official website is helping to rectify that. This update, caught by the folks over at Kotaku, has revealed that the upcoming JRPG will feature a turn-based combat system. This is a departure from the previous games set within the One Piece universe that utilized a Musou crowd control battle system.

The turn-based system will allow players to lean more into strategy when it comes to defeating enemies rather than just mowing through hordes. This change shows how the folks at Bandai Namco are moving more towards JRPG elements. This will offer fans a more genuine roleplaying experience set within the One Piece universe.

Even more, this battle system allows for new events to take place called Dramatic Scenes. While not a lot is known about what these scenes will entail, they are simply described as “troubles unique to the world of One Piece”. One Piece Odyssey is expected later this year.

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