Original Mass Effect Trilogy Devs Returning For New Game

At last Thursday’s virtual Game Awards, BioWare debuted a teaser of a new Mass Effect game, featuring Dr. Liara T’Soni, an Asari researcher born in 2077, who is dedicated to studying Prothean technology and culture in an effort to understand the extinction of the Protheans, an ancient galactic civilization that lived 50,000 years before. She also has the ability to “manipulate dark energy and create mass effect fields through the use of electrical impulses from the brain,” according to BioWare.

Following the debut of the teaser, Mass Effect project director Michael Gamble, tweeted that several developers of the original game would be returning to the studio to work on the new game. Gamble mentioned Dusty Everman, who will return to BioWare as the Principal Narrative Designer. Everman left BioWare in 2015 to found Dirty Sky Games, which specialized in virtual reality development.

Gamble also announced the return to the team of Parrish Ley, the Cinematic Director for the Mass Effect Trilogy, and Brenon Holmes, the Technical Design Director of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. They will be joined by Derek Watts, Technical Design Director of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. These four veterans will likely fill the void left by Casey Hudson, the Project Director on the Mass Effect Trilogy, who left BioWare along with Dragon Age Executive Producer Mark Darrah last week.

The original trilogy followed Commander Shepard, tasked with saving the galaxy from powerful mechanical beings, known as Reapers. The first installment, Mass Effect, was released in 2007. The second entry, Mass Effect 2, released in 2010, is set within the Milky Way, where an alien race known as Collectors threaten humanity. Finally, Mass Effect 3, released in 2012,  with Shepard tasked with stopping an advanced machine race of synthetic-organic starships known as Reapers from overtaking the galactic civilization.

Gamble has hinted that the new game may be set in the Andromeda Galaxy. One Twitter user, @LazareGvimradze, noted that the “opening shot also has very pointed imagery of two galaxies… my mind is racing… are we going to get…a single sequel to both games?!” To which Gamble responded, “I think you should wait and see :)”

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