Original Zelda Gets Fan-Made VR Port Complete With Working Sword And Shield

Do you remember the original Legend of Zelda game on the NES or are you blessed with youth? The title that spawned one of the biggest names in gaming launched in 1986, and it's now available to play in VR thanks to a Doom mod – yes, really.

As reported by Nintendo Life, this version of the game uses the QuestZDoom engine for the Quest VR. It's a clever use of Doom and its modding tools, that's for sure. As such, it's named The Legend of Doom, but Doomguy was nowhere to be seen.

The first part of the game is played through on Sugary Noe's YouTube channel and depicts the iconic cave scene where Link gets his sword and is told, "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this." You can wield Link's sword and shield and flail them around to your heart's content.

The first thing you'll notice in the VR version of the game – if you're familiar with the original – is that it's a lot harder to navigate from a first-person perspective. The rows of identical trees don't give much in the way of direction suggestions. Instead, you've just got to rely on following the clearings. The music is an instant hit of nostalgia, and flinging the sword – I still don't really get what was with that attack – looks smooth and satisfying.

Sugary Noe soon makes their way into their first dungeon, a tree stump on a small island. the transition between worlds is immaculate and it starts to look a lot more like a Doom level once the overhead ceiling is added in. The skeletons also look very goofy, swinging their dual-wield swords from side to side as they waddle around.

In other news, Final Fantasy 14 fans are going wild for in-game food. No, not low-poly grapes. This time it's a phenomenal bao tearing animation. It looks so good you can almost smell it.

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