Outriders: An In-Depth Guide On The Pyromancer

Outriders has impressed fans with the sheer amount of customization available to them. The game features dozens of mods, loads of skills, multiple subclasses, and many weapon variations. There are so many different ways to play each class, it can be hard to figure out where to start.

This guide breaks down all the biggest elements of the Pyromancer class. It doesn’t go into the specifics of any one build, but it does offer a good overview of what’s on offer so that you can have a think for yourself about what you’d like to try first.

Sizzling Pyromancer Playstyles

The Pyromancer is a devastating mid-range class that inflicts Burn and Ash on enemies, as well as some other great debuffs if you spec them a certain way. Pyromancers are good all-rounders, but there are some playstyles that suit them more than others.

  • Twisted Fire Starter – With a Pyromancer you can go hyper-offensive and spec for increased skill and weapon damage, utilizing nothing but the most explosive of skills to annihilate foes.
  • Status Inflicter – Pyromancers get access to Burn and Ash, debuffs that damage, and immobilize enemies respectively. You can spec your character around increasing the length and effect of these debuffs, as well as making Burn lead to Ash, or Ash also inflicting Vulnerable, leading to some great skill combos.
  • Tank – You can focus on buffing your health and armor stats to ensure your flame never dies. Some mods even buff your armor for getting kills while aiming down your weapon sights. Combine this with skills that heal you and you can become absolutely unstoppable.

If you want to see our ideal Pyromancer build for a first playthrough, check out our Pyromancer best build guide. Or, if you’re in the mood for a more specific build try out the Fire Witch.

Restoring The Embers

The Pyromancer heals by killing Marked enemies. Any enemy hit with one of your skills or your melee ability will become marked for 15 seconds – you’ll see a white skull with a green cross next to their nameplate that will indicate when an enemy will heal you upon death, handy.

Pyromancer Skills That Are Too Hot To Handle

Pyromancers have eight skills to choose from, ranging from Ignite, Explosive, Immobilize, and Interrupt. Each is favored by a different subclass, and all are useful. We’ll break them all down so you can figure out which ones you want to try first.


Heatwave is the first skill you learn and you can take it all the way to the endgame. It’s an Ignite skill that summons a narrow wave of fire in front of you which Burns enemies. It has a fast cooldown and two armor mods that allow it an extra use before a cooldown.

This skill is great for Pyromancers who want to ensure the battlefield is always ablaze – it also looks pretty cool.

Feed The Flames

Feed the Flames is an Immobilize skill that drains health from an enemy and also inflicts Ash. It’s a great tool for keeping yourself alive with some quick healing, or giving yourself or your teammates some space by stopping an enemy. It’s useful early on, but you may soon find it doesn’t pack enough punch to keep you going into the mid-late game.

Thermal Bomb

Thermal Bomb is an Explosive and an Interrupt skill. It will Burn and Interrupt an enemy while also dealing some damage. If the enemy is killed while the skill is still active, it will rise into the air and explode, damaging enemies around it. This is a good skill if you can time it right, but it gets severely outclassed by a skill you unlock later. Use it while you have it, but ditch it as soon as you unlock Eruption.


Overheat is an Explosive Interrupt skill that has some devastating synergies. It deals a little damage to all enemies in a huge radius and Marks them, making it far easier for you to heal. If an enemy is currently Burned, the Burn will be consumed but additional damage will be done. This skill is great for locating all enemies in an arena, and if you couple it with mods that increase the base damage and some skill leech you can hit everything around you and instantly refill your health bar, this is a great skill with a lot of potential.

Volcanic Rounds

Volcanic Rounds imbues your weapon with anomaly-infused bullets that inflict Burn and deal damage as long as you hit near an enemy. This skill is great for flushing enemies out of cover, as well as turning every foe in the fight into a Burning mess. It’s also great for Marking large hordes for easy healing.

Ash Blast

Ash Blast is an Immobilize skill that sounds a lot better than it is. It inflicts Ash onto enemies in a radius around you, but if you’re expecting an effect as far-reaching as Overheat’s, you’ll be sorely disappointed. It also only inflicts the status for a very brief time, making it barely useful. There are some mods and perks that increase the radius of the skill and the duration of Ash, so if you really want an Ash build you can make one work.

F.A.S.E.R Beam

F.A.S.E.R Beam is an Ignite and Interrupt skill that fires a molten laser beam directly in front of you. Be warned though, you have to charge it up for a second or two and you will be immobile and vulnerable to damage during this time. With the right mods, this skill could be better than Heatwave, but apart from adding Interrupt they basically function the same way.


Eruption is an Explosive skill that causes a large spout of lava to eject from the earth and engulf a target and any foolish enough to stand near them. This is a great alternative to Thermal Bomb as it doesn’t rely on you then killing the selected target. You can just summon a devastating lava explosion and return to normal combat.

The Pyromancer’s Burning Skill Tree

The Pyromancer skill tree splits into three distinct subclasses:

  • Ash Breaker – Focuses on inflicting Ash and making you deal more damage to enemies with the debuff.
  • Fire Storm – Turns you into a tank while heavily reducing the cooldown of your Ignite skills and also increasing skill damage and skill leech.
  • Tempest – buffs Explosive skills and also gives you an auto-revive.

Each tree enables a different sort of playstyle, and as you only get 20 skill points – enough to take you to the end of one tree – you’ll have to pick carefully. You can respec whenever you want, though, so don’t be afraid to try many different styles until you find the one that suits you.

If you want to take a detailed look at each skill tree and all the available nodes, check out the Outriders Pyromancer Wiki Page.

Ash Breaker

The Ash Breaker subclass is all about increasing weapon damage against Marked and Ashen enemies. It also reduces the cooldown of all Immobilise skills and adds the Vulnerable status onto enemies already inflicted with Ash.

To make the most out of this subclass you should use as many Ash inflicting skills and mods as possible and watch your enemies crumble before you.

Fire Storm

The Fire Storm subclass is great for solo players or those who want to get stuck into the action. It gives huge boosts to both your health and armor, while also allowing you to deal constant damage through Burns by reducing your Ignite skill cooldowns.

It also features helpful boons such as increased weapon damage after skill activation and increased skill leech, making you able to deal more damage and heal in between kills.


The Tempest subclass increases anomaly power to give your Explosive skills some real punch. It also lowers their cooldowns and makes them boost anomaly power.

This class is designed to have you chaining Explosive kills together in quick succession to deal huge damage to multiple targets. The auto-revive ability should help you stand your ground whilst waiting for skills to cooldown, too.

Heat Resistant Pyromancer Gear

The gear you get in Outriders is the main appeal of playing – it is a looter shooter after all. Everyone will favor different mods and armor sets, based on individual playstyle.

That being said, stacking mods and getting legendary armor bonuses will help to make your Pyromancer even more deadly.

Scorching Legendary Sets

The Pyromancer has four legendary armor sets, equipping three pieces of an armor set will give you the set bonus. You can only wear five pieces of armor, so, unfortunately, cannot get two bonuses at the same time.

  • The Acari – Gain a 25% anomaly power bonus for ten seconds for every enemy hit by Heatwave.
  • Reforged – Increases Thermal Bomg and Feed The Flame damage by a whopping 50%.
  • Lava Lich – Decreases the cooldown time of Eruption and increases the skill’s damage.
  • Torturer – Triples the area of effect of Volcanic Rounds’ shots.

Mods To Help You Cook Up A Storm

There is a vast pool of mods to choose from, and going over the pros and cons of them all would take far too long, so here are some of the best mods we’ve found so far for the Pyromancer.

Weapon Mods

  • Improved Burning Bullets – Inflicts Burn onto enemies every four seconds.
  • Crematorium – Killing shots create an explosion that inflicts Ash on enemies caught in the blast.
  • Wrath of Moloch – Critical hits cause an explosion that deals damage and inflicts Burn on enemies within a five-meter radius. Has a cooldown of three seconds.

Armour Mods

  • Any mod that allows you an extra use of a skill before a cooldown is great, but only if you actively use it.
  • Ashen Boost – This mod allows you to deal 20% extra damage to enemies afflicted with Ash.
  • Blazing Aegis – Killing enemies inflicted with Burn will increase your armor, stacks three times. Great for staying in the middle of the fray.
  • Bullet Kindling – Deal 20% more damage against Burned enemies.
  • Pants On Fire – Enemies damaged by Overheat but who did not have a status consumed take extra damage. When combined with some skill leech this mod allows Overheat to instantly replenish all of your health.

Remember, there are dozens of mods, so get out there and find whichever combo works best for you. Don’t be afraid to respec and mix things up if you think things are getting stale, or try out one of the other classes by making a new character.

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