Outriders: Salvation Quest Walkthrough

Out of every quest in Outriders, Salvation is arguably the most eventful of the bunch—at least from a progression standpoint. This quest unlocks the crafting system and arguably the safest XP and loot farming spot in the game. Whether you’re farming World Tiers or Accolade challenges, you’ll want to take full advantage of this mission’s dense enemy packs and plentiful chests.

Before Dr. Zahedi can provide his services to you, his briefcase must be recovered. Insurgents are holding on to it in the bowels of the First City. You’ll need to head into the city, face off against mutated beasts and Insurgents alike, then defeat a rather tough Captain miniboss to get your hands on this briefcase.

Quest Synopsis

  • Reach the other side of the river
  • Retrieve Zahedi’s briefcase

Reach The Other Side Of The River

Ride The Cable Car

After you speak to Zahedi, he will ask you to enter the bowels of the First City to find his briefcase. You’ll need to take the cable car outside the radio tower to reach it. Simply interact with the cable car to reach the center of the city.

Hidden Chest

Before you enter the cable car, walk to the right of the platform to find a chest. This isn’t really “hidden,” more so overlooked.

Reaching The Bridge

You’ll be taken to the lower part of the First City, deep within the slums. Place a flag at the hologram, then head left to proceed.

Hidden Chest

Right as you place the flag, head right instead of left to find a chest.

This will be your first encounter with the Beast faction. Perforos are the fodder enemies of this faction, rushing you at a moderate speed and dealing virtually no damage. They don’t pose much of a threat, although they spawn in great numbers.

Eliminate the first group of Perforos to spawn a whole swarm of them. Push forward through the swarm, carving a path with your weapons and abilities. They’ll be dozens of these enemies, so don’t be afraid to group them in one major clump before using an ability or melee slam.

Around the corner, you’ll come across yet another batch of Perforos. Same as before, use your abilities to take them out. When you’re done, run up the stairs and break the debris pile to proceed.

Hidden Chest

Just before you climb the stairs to the debris pile, turn the opposite direction to find a hidden chest tucked away in a corner.

Past the debris pile, place a flag at the hologram and restock on ammo. Up ahead will be a straight path that will spawn dozens of Perforos.

A new type of enemy, the Venemous Perforo, will also make its debut here. They’re slightly tougher than Perforos but are much more passive, firing venomous projectiles at you from a distance. Venomous Perforos run away if you get close, so mid-range weapons work best against them.

Tip: If you get hit by a Toxic projectile, use your healing mechanic to purge the debuff. When you heal to 100% HP, the Toxic debuff is purged.

Alpha Perforo

Alpha Perforos are the Elite brute enemies of the Beast faction, using a surprising degree of mobility to tear you apart. Since they count as Elite enemies, spamming crowd control abilities will only get you so far.

Right as the cutscene ends, roll to the side. The Perforo will almost always leap at you at medium range, doing so near-instantly. You’ll need to dodge sooner than you think to avoid the hit. You can also use a melee attack to tank the hit, preventing you from getting stunned.

These enemies will encase themselves in anomaly armor if you don’t kill them fast enough. If this happens, you’ll need to do as much damage as possible to break the armor. Past that, aim for their face to deal critical damage. Use the fodder Perforos that spawn during this part as walking health packs, using your healing mechanic mid-fight when the Alpha lands a nasty hit on you. Defeat all of the Beasts, then interact with the nearby mechanism to lower the bridge.

Hidden Chest #1

Just before you reach the bridge, turn right to find a dirt ramp that leads to a set of buildings. A chest can be found overlooking the cable car you came from.

Hidden Chest #2

Climb the guard tower on the right side of the bridge.

Retrieve Zahedi’s Briefcase

Insurgents have dug themselves in this part of the city. You’ll need to make your way through waves of Insurgent bandits to reach Zahedi’s Briefcase.

The first encounter will have standard Rifleman, Breachers, and a few Cutthroats when you head around the corner. Take out the Breachers first, aiming for their head to destroy their helmets.

Around the corner, you’ll have to face more Insurgent enemies, this time including Cutthroats. Kill the melee units first before you push forward.

When most of the enemies are dealt with, Captain Serrano will spawn. This is a reskinned Vanguard Captain you fought in Rift Town, except this Captian is supported by Breachers and other tough enemies. If you can’t nuke the Captain’s health bar right as it spawns, focus on the fodder enemies instead. Remember to interrupt the Captain’s abilities with your melee attacks to streamline the fight.

With the Captain dead, interact with the crane to lift the cargo blocking your path. Jump down, then make your way to the garage directly ahead. Interact with the truck to finish the quest. Talk to Jakub to travel to Eagle Peaks and start the next quest.

Hidden Chest

Left of the garage entrance is a chest you can grab. This isn’t really “hidden” but easy to overlook.


Completing this quest unlocks the ability to craft in Outriders. You can access the crafting interface by speaking to Dr. Zahedi at any hub area. He’s usually located beside your truck. Speak to him, select the “I need to upgrade my gear” option, then select an item you wish to alter. For more information on crafting, consult our Outriders crafting guide.

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