Outriders: Worldslayer Endgame Features Exclusive Enemies, New Armour, And More

Outriders is getting its very first expansion later this month, bringing all-new endgame content to keep you going after you plough through the campaign. It's called Trial of Tarya Gratar, a huge, fully explorable area that is designed with "high replayability in mind."

It's made up of crossroads and boss arenas—crossroads are optional paths and areas that lead to treasure troves, while boss arenas are mandatory fights that progress the trial. Troves are also designed with loot farming in mind as each has specific gear inside whether it's a helmet or a chest piece, meaning you know where to look while you grind for apocalypse gear.

Speaking of gear—this trial brings the new Heat Seeker legendary armour set for the Pyromancer which, when equipped, will overhaul your thermal grenades. When they explode on an enemy, they'll travel to another opponent, the one with the lowest health, and this chains up to three more times.

As for the trial's layout, the opening is your base of operations, featuring all the amenities you'll need—vendors, crafting, fast travel, character customisation, your stash, matchmaking, and access to all other 18 expeditions.

And with each run of the trial, the rewards reset, so whether you beat it or die, you'll be able to grab even more loot on your next attempt. But don't feel rushed—you can tackle the trial at your own pace. There are no arbitrary timers or incentives to beat it in five minutes flat, unless you're a speedrunner itching for the world record.

Circling back to gear, the Sunfall submachine gun has a new special mod called Firestorm which summons a violent, homing firestorm (hence the name) that burns enemies. The radius even increases with each successful shot. Then there's the Hellborne sniper rifle's new Violent Rupture mod that creates a volcanic eruption on impact.

But enemies are where things get interesting—Shadow Beasts are being introduced as the assassins of the trial, a pack animal that can go invisible during fights. Best keep an eye on the environment.

All of this is available on June 30 and if you pre-order now, you'll get 48-hour early access.

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