Overwatch 2 Brings Back An Old Symmetra Bug In Eichenwalde

Overwatch 2 has plenty of bugs of its own, but now we're getting some throwbacks. A Symmetra player has found that part of Eichenwalde makes turrets indestructible, with others highlighting that this seems to be a return of a previous issue on the map, first spotted in the original Overwatch.

If Symmetra's turret is placed on the door at the start of the final point just as it breaks open, then it will be pushed out of bounds, invincible to enemy attacks. However, it's still fully usable and will target the other team as they try to make their way through the door and back to the payload.

"If you put her turrets in the door when it drops, they will stay there and attack enemies," says Reddit user Puzzleheaded_Drink45, spotting the bug. "Plz fix soon before it’s exploited, I did it on accident and that’s how I found out."

To call the bug irritating would be an understatement. Symmetra's turrets can be rage-inducing at the best of times, let alone when they're out of bounds. The only saving grace is that other players in the replies say the bug can be difficult to set up intentionally, so hopefully we won't see a rise in Sym players on the map.

Amazingly, this isn't even the only out-of-bounds invisibility glitch that's plaguing Overwatch right now. As we've been covering since launch, Sombra has been able to clip inside the payload using her teleporter, and can even get underneath the new map, Shambali. We tested it ourselves, and found that it's shockingly easy to pull off too. I haven't encountered any Sombra mains exploiting this in ranked at least, but the same can't be said for the payload bug. Honestly, it's amazing that Sombra hasn't been pulled from the game yet.

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