Overwatch 2 Fans Discuss Features They Want Back After Enemy Endorsements Return

Overwatch 2 has brought back enemy endorsements, letting you give the opposing healers a pat on the back for putting up with all those angry teammates. You can do this at the end of the game, but you still only have two endorsements, so you'll have to forfeit giving one of your allies credit to do this.

This was a feature already present in the first Overwatch, and while fans are happy to see it finally return, it has also continued an ongoing discussion that has been swirling since Overwatch went offline, and replaced by 2 – what other cut features should make a comeback?

One of the main features fans want back continues the idea of a more interesting postgame, and that's Overwatch's end-game screen cards. Originally, you could upvote the best players, enemy or otherwise, but this was scrapped in 2. Fans have wanted to see it return since Overwatch 2 launched, and Blizzard has said that it wants to improve the post-match experience, so it's not entirely out of the question that we'll see something to spice up the ending.

One feature that cropped up in the comments is the "On Fire" functionality that saw your portrait light up if you were playing consistently well. Luckily, that's already confirmed to be returning, but another addition that was mentioned alongside it was moving highlights and Play of the Games back to the menu, while also being able to swap out the PotG music for the original Overwatch's.

Other threads that have cropped up this week mention bringing back stuns, like Cassidy's flashbang and Brigette's shield bash. Originally, these abilities would stop another player from being able to move, giving you a brief window to either run away or kill them. Even Mei's gun no longer freezes enemies. However, this is a more contentious suggestion – some are all for it, wanting to return to flashbacks and instant KOs, while others see it as unbalanced and cheap.

Another thread, that appeared last night, mentioned bringing back the ability to show your rank. It also mentioned enemy endorsements – maybe they're onto something. However, their thread of suggestions also included upping the endorsement number to three to spread the love more given how little people seem to endorse, though right now it's still capped at two.

Finally, a popular suggestion cropped up a couple of weeks ago that is still going strong, asking for Overwatch 2 to bring back different maps for the Hero Gallery background, rather than being stuck on the tutorial. A lot of these tweaks surround the menus, spicing them up by making them more interesting to engage with, so this fits right in. Especially if there's a festive season going on. Whether Blizzard will continue to pull from the original to build Overwatch 2 up is unclear, but if enemy endorsements are anything to go by, it's not out of the question.

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