Overwatch 2 Fans Spot New Pickup Item In Place Of Health Packs

Strange things are going on over in Overwatch 2. As the game prepares to launch a new battle mode of mythological proportions, players are noticing a random item in the form of a blue canister lying around. Not only that, but the item has taken up residence where health packs usually are on the map. Could this have anything to do with the upcoming Battle for Olympus? Or is it just a glitch? With Overwatch 2, it is hard to tell.

Earlier this week, the news site Overwatch Cavalry pointed out that many “eagle-eyed players” are noticing these odd canisters throughout the game. While we don’t have any official confirmation on what they could be, players do have a pretty solid theory. It all has to do with the new Greek-themed game mode hitting the game on January 5.

The upcoming Battle for Olympus game mode is set to introduce a slew of Greek God abilities to certain characters. For example, Reinhardt will gain the powers of the mythological Minotaur and be able to charge in quick succession. Junker Queen gains the ability to smite enemies with a Commanding Shout like Zeus. Meanwhile, Pharah is imbued with the power of Hades allowing her to shoot three rockets and Roadhog gains the Cyclops ability to shoot boulders.

With these new abilities arriving in just over a week, Blizzard is likely working to get the game ready. Therefore, as Overwatch Cavalry suggests, these blue canisters are likely the pick-up item that grants these “supercharged abilities”. With the characters gaining Greek God powers, they will also likely gain more health, hence why the canisters take the place of health packs.

Of course, this could all be wrong, and the canisters are actually another bug in the game. Thankfully, we don’t need to wait too long to test this theory.

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