Overwatch 2 Players Want Backfills To Start With More Ult Charge

How many times have you joined an already existing online game where your team is decidedly losing, with not enough time to turn things around? Plenty of times, I'm sure. It's unfortunate, because you get a loss against your name even though you were on the back foot to begin with. As with many competitive multiplayer games, Overwatch 2 has a similar issue. If you join later on in the game – usually because someone dropped off – you're at a disadvantage, as everyone else has already filled their Ult meters.

Over on the game's Subreddit, players have been discussing the changes that the developers could make to mitigate the disadvantage. "Backfills should start with 25% Ult Charge," suggested gobulls1042. "I don't know how many times I've backfilled into a game, won the first fight, almost got Ult, and then lost because the other team has 5 ults already. You're already at a disadvantage backfilling, but starting with 0% Ult Charge means you need to win the next 2 fights to get an ult most of the time."

That's actually a pretty good suggestion. Backfills are a necessity, as if a player suddenly leaves, their team is at a major disadvantage with one Hero down. However, a newly added player for that team is still a disadvantage, as they have to build up their Ult meter. However, this topic led to another discussion – how poorly Overwatch 2 handles backfills.

Players complained about getting backfilled into games extremely late. "Can we also remove joining during the defeat screen or POTG too?" suggested TheRedDeath. "I hate loading into a map I like, and then immediately being sent back to the title screen, only to get stuck on a push map with my priority requeue". This is a massive waste of time, especially if you've just booted up the game for a quick match or two.

Blizzard has revealed a number of changes and adjustments that will be coming in the future. For starters, future challenges won't force you to play a game mode you don't want to, and map pools will no longer exist season four onwards.

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