Overwatch 2 Push Maps Will Appear Less Frequently Following Update

Push maps have been a great source of frustration among Overwatch 2 players. While it was exciting to get a new mode after so long, many felt that the new maps made it too easy for whoever won the first fight to roll the enemy team. These issues were only exacerbated by the feeling that we were getting Push maps way too often, and it turns out we were bang on the money.

In a recent blog post, game director Aaron Keller confirms our fears: Push really was programmed to appear more often. However, Keller has also confirmed that this higher probability of playing a Push map has been removed, making it so all maps have an equal chance of appearing during all game modes.

"We talked about Push maps having a higher frequency than other maps…It was about 30 percent more," says Keller, speaking after the launch of the Season 3 update. "We implemented a quick fix this week that should go part way to balancing this out. Depending upon how big of an effect it has, we might need to do more to this in the future."

Rather ominously, this doesn't rule out the possibility of the odds being increased once more. It's possible that this initial rise in how often we play Push, however, was to just get us used to the new mode. Therefore, there's a chance that the 30 percent will only be restored if we all start playing like rubbish on these maps. Hopefully, Blizzard will feel that we've learned them by now.

Besides, we now have a whole new Control area to learn. Antarctic Peninsula introduces three new areas for Control matches, meaning we have a lot more to learn if we stand a chance in competitive. Although judging from Overwatch fans online, most of them are too busy holding fishing competitions instead of claiming the point. Which honestly? Fair enough. It's much better than Push, anyway.

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