Overwatch 2’s Lunar New Year Event Only Has One Skin

Overwatch 2's events haven't gone down well so far. Halloween's was slated for its expensive skins, Battle for Olympus was dubbed too grind-y by many in the community after it was discovered it could take up to two weeks to complete its challenges, and our own Features Editor Eric Switzer labeled its first event as "greedy and unrewarding".

Third time's the charm, right? Apparently not. The Lunar New Year event only has one new skin, a $10 Mei epic, which Overwatch 2 players aren't thrilled about.

What's more, this new skin is essentially a base recolour with a new hat, which isn't too surprising given that it's epic quality, but as it's the only new skin available in the event right now, it hasn't gone down well. In Overwatch's history, events were a chance to enjoy new game modes and unlock themed skins. Those same skins would then be unavailable until the event rolled back around, so you had a short window to get your favourites, but this time, there's only a new $10 item in the shop rotation. The 'event' feeling has certainly fizzled.

One sentiment that is being shared is something that has cropped up through every event so far, and that's "I really miss the old overwatch". People are even longing for lootboxes again because they added a sense of reward to events, as you'd be able to get new skins and cosmetics by simply playing the game, which isn't possible with new event skins. Now, you have to pay, as per the new free-to-pay model.

Whether any more skins crop up as the event goes on remains to be seen, but few are optimistic, and others are looking to the next even with little hope – Archives. If this lore-heavy spectacle will bring any interesting skins for Overwatch's cast, maybe even delving into the past of new characters, is up in the air. With the only Lunar New Year skin being an epic Mei, excitement looks to be at an all-time low.

Another post on the Overwatch subreddit has put each Lunar New Year login screen onto one page, showing the difference between the first and second games. Originally, there were three weekly skin rewards, with a new mode to try (like capture the flag and bounty hunter), as well as new skins to unlock separate from the challenges.

For 2023, this has changed, as now you can get a weapon charm, souvenir, and then a skin, rather than three total. This is another symptom of switching to free-to-play, and doesn't bode well for future events. Maybe fourth time will be the charm, or the souvenir, or maybe a spray.

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