Overwatch and Zelda were Pornhub’s most searched gaming terms of 2019

Pornhub’s end of year review has revealed that Overwatch and Fortnite are its biggest gaming-related searches, alongside… Pokémon and Minecraft?!

For some reason Pornhub always offers surprisingly detailed statistics about their traffic, with a whole separate section dedicated to what people are searching for in terms of video game characters.

Despite being a declining force in gaming as a whole – leading to the sequel announcement last month – Overwatch saw an increase of 8% in searches this year, helping it regain the number one spot.

Since it has a wide range of memorable characters who are easy to cosplay as, Overwatch’s popularity is not surprising. But despite having few named characters, Fortnite still managed to come in at number two. Although, mirroring its slow fall in popularity in the real world, it saw searches decrease by 17% on Pornhub this year.

After that you start to get into things you’d rather not think about, with Pokémon being the third most searched term, rising by 21%, and Minecraft seeing its searches inflate by 34%.

At number five is new entry Apex Legend, which beat Fortnite for a while when it first came out but quickly fell back afterwards – which again matches how things went with the game itself.

To that point, it’s interesting how despite a 554% increase in interest Borderlands only managed to get to number nine in the charts, with Borderlands 3 also seeming to have a fairly short half-life given all the hype before its release.

In terms of individual characters, the most popular was Princess Zelda, followed by Lara Craft – even though neither has been in a new game for a while.

The most popular male character was Super Mario, at number four. Although since these are search terms, and Princess Peach doesn’t seem to have charted, we guess that probably includes everyone from the Mushroom Kingdom except Bowsette.

But that’s enough talking about what video games people search for on Pornhub for us… we think we’d rather just play the games.

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