Overwatch on Nintendo Switch rumoured after official carry case leaks

A carry case with an Overwatch logo on it has led to speculation of a Nintendo Switch version and a character in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time something important had been put on Amazon earlier than it should have been, but an innocuous-looking case for the Nintendo Switch could give away one of the biggest surprises of the year.

Fans last night noticed a listing for a ‘protection case’ for the Nintendo Switch on Amazon.com, of which there are already dozens from all sorts of different companies.

The difference with this one though is that it has an Overwatch logo on it, which makes no sense given that Overwatch isn’t on the Switch. Or at least not yet.

There’s no clue in the description as to why the logo is there but suspiciously the listing was taken down once everyone noticed it.

All of which leads to one very obvious conclusion: that Overwatch is coming to Switch. And given the release date of 15 September perhaps surprisingly soon.

Unless, for some reason, company PowerA.Com likes slapping random, unrelated, game logos onto its cases. Logos it would’ve had to go to the, expensive, effort of officially licensing.

Blizzard has talked about bringing Overwatch to the Nintendo Switch before, and it doesn’t seem like something that would be impossible on a technical level – plus it’s a more obvious match for Nintendo than something like Doom.

But if Overwatch is on Switch then it’s not much of a stretch of logic to imagine one of its characters turning up in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a DLC character, especially as there are two yet to be announced and a Nintendo Direct due next month…

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