Overwatch Players Debate Who Has The Best Origin Story

Overwatch may neglect its lore more than players would like, but that doesn't mean it's not there. All of the characters have their own backstories, their own reason to be running around the map shooting at everyone. But with 36 Heroes in the game already – and many more on the way – some will have better writing than others.

So, from the villainous Reaper to the eternally optimistic Mei, fans are debating which Overwatch character has the best backstory. And to be honest, it's looking pretty good for the bad guys so far. For whatever reason, it seems that Talon is hogging all the best writing.

"I'd say Sigma and Reaper," says Reddit user TwisterDash_, putting forward their candidates for the best Overwatch backstory. "Stuck in your own mind then getting used as a weapon sounds extremely terrifying."

Many agree that Sigma is a strong contender for having the best story, and easily one of the most tragic. "Sigma is a broken, dangerous mess, and it’s beautiful," says The-Tea-Lord. "To fragment a man so harshly yet keeping it together, it shows how powerful, dangerous, and unstable he is. For the universe sings to him, and him alone."

Similarly, some vote for Moira, although not necessarily for what's happened in her own life. Through her background as a very morally bankrupt scientist, she often finds herself behind the suffering of others in the Talon crew, namely Sigma, Reaper, and Widowmaker.

On the flip side, there's a lot of love for the classic Hanzo and Genji storyline, one of the first we got when Overwatch launched back in 2016. And honestly, if their Overwatch short had been released more recently and been at the front of players' minds, we would probably see more players voting for it.

Surprisingly, there's a fair amount of support for Hammond's backstory. His origin sees him raised on the Horizon Lunar Colony much like Winston, although during his escape, his pod crash lands in Australia. Here, he battles his way to glory, becoming known as The Champ and earning the respect of Junker Queen and Junkrat. To be honest, it's a story that's so silly it's hard to resist.

We still have more backstories to come, and even an actual in-game story mode somewhere down the line. It remains to be seen if that sways anyone's opinion, but in the meantime, it's a huge win for the baddies.

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