Overwatch UPDATE: Early patch notes for Anniversary event on PS4 and Xbox

Today will see the release of a new Overwatch update on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

And it looks like we already know some of the main changes that will be included, thanks to the game’s PTR.

As many fans will already know, today is when Blizzard will be releasing the 2019 Anniversary event on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

This will be celebrating the third year of Overwatch and will come with a range of new skins to unlock and loot boxes to earn.

Every Anniversary Loot Box is guaranteed to have at least one of more than 190 Anniversary event items, including the new items for this year.

And fans can expect all new skins and emotes to be revealed after the event goes live later today on all platforms.

Blizzard has also announced that the Overwatch Workshop, currently only available on PC, is coming to PS4 today as well.

For those that don’t know, the Workshop is a simple game scripting system that gives players the power to customise features in the Game Browser and create their own custom Overwatch games.

This means that players can create scripts, and add Rules and play Conditions on top of the established game modes players already have.

This old and new content will come as part of the new Overwatch update, which is expected to arrive between 6pm and 8pm today.

Blizzard uses Public Test Servers to try out these changes before they are released on all platforms.

And it just so happens that we have had three different builds go live over May 2019.

It should be noted that some of these tweaks might not make it into the final version but the PTR usually provides a glimpse at what has been worked on.

They can be treated as early patch notes before the updates notes are shared by Blizzard later today.

And until they have gone live, here are some of the PTR patch notes that have been shared recently by Blizzard:

(Please note that the below patch notes only include changes currently available for testing on the PTR. While many of these changes may also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a future patch, the PTR is PC-only and only reflects changes coming specifically to that platform.)



  • Improved the kill cameras during the Play of the Game replay to better match what happened in-game


Custom Games

  • When you save a preset, the name now changes to the selected preset. There is now a key binding for restarting a custom game.



  • Fixed a bug where Seismic Slam could hit enemies that were out of Doomfist’s normal range.


  • Fixed a bug where Junkrat would slide off a moving platform when using his ultimate

Wrecking Ball

  • Fixed a bug where Wrecking Ball could use Piledriver without regard to its ability cooldown in some circumstances


  • Fixed multiple bugs with the “Set Max Health” action, particularly with its interaction with barrier health.
  • Fixed UI and effects not correctly interpreting chased variables whose destinations or rates were player-specific values (such as player variables).
  • Fixed the “Set Ultimate Charge” and “Start Camera” actions sometimes not correctly reading player-specific values (such as player variables).
  • Fixed the “Start Holding Button” action not handling the “Interact” button correctly.
  • Improved stability.
  • If the same instance of a “Start Accelerating” action executes multiple times, it will now restart the action with the new values rather than stack an additional copy.
  • Reenabled script validation.

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