Pacesetter Accused Of Hacking In Call Of Duty Warzone

HNLPacesetter has been accused of hacking in Call of Duty: Warzone during a $1000 2 v 2. The YouTuber who posted the video stated that his movement was incredibly questionable – not checking any corners, running straight down main roads blindly, and then hunting a player he and his friend had not actually seen before killing him. These actions scream that he isn’t wary of his surroundings, something unusual for a game as slow-paced and hesitant as Warzone in the quiet in-between patches.

He watches a tall building without having seen a player on top, which could, naturally, be him being cautious and keeping an eye on a potential target. Then somebody – the person he was tracking – leaps off and begins parachuting. He then opens fire and kills them mid-air before dying to a sniper behind them.

This could be cheating, as the YouTube video points out, or it could simply be a weird playstyle that worked up until the sniper got him from behind. However, as people point out, his average kills dropped from 25 to 11 following this, and hacks can be toggled with peddles or buttons, so perhaps he decided to play it cautious.

Pacesetter was also allegedly caught wall hacking in the mainland $1000 2 v 2, resulting in a ban, and he was even called out by Tommey who has flagged up a variety of Warzone hackers over the past year.

Being caught for wall hacking has made people hyperaware of his plays in other games, especially with his higher kills dropping, and his weird playstyles that feel careless and too safe for a tournament.

Hacking with money on the line is certainly a terrible thing to do, and if this is the case for Pacesetter, then precautions need to be taken in subsequent games and he needs to be blacklisted from their rota of players. Warzone does have a reported hacker problem at the moment, so perhaps if more high-profile players are caught out, Activision will improve the anti-cheat and catch more in the act.

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