Peacemaker Just Got A Brand New Red Band Trailer

Disney continues to expand the MCU at a pretty alarming rate, even adding a few TV shows to the docket in 2021. Meanwhile, DC is trying to figure out which of the movies that have come before will remain canon and where exactly it's going next, especially after the success of the Snyder Cut. Last year's Suicide Squad is very much a part of the DCEU, or that's what has been implied, which means it's about to get an MCU-style TV show of its very own.

On January 13, Peacemaker will start streaming on HBO Max. To celebrate the show's imminent arrival, HBO has dropped the most action-packed, and F-bomb-loaded trailer so far. The trailer, which you can check out below, shows Peacemaker working with a new group of people, and getting on their nerves just as much as he did Bloodsport and the rest of The Suicide Squad.

If you haven't seen James Gunn's Suicide Squad and you are only familiar with John Cena from his work in WWE, then his performance as Peacemaker will be incredibly jarring. Not only is the squeaky clean professional wrestler seemingly given free rein to swear as much as he likes, but he also kills a lot of people in a variety of gruesome ways. As he says in The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker doesn't care how many men, women and children he has to kill to achieve peace.

If you haven't seen The Suicide Squad yet, then look away now as there are major spoilers ahead. Cena's Peacemaker goes against the remaining members of the team and their objective towards the end of the movie, seemingly dying in the process. However, it is revealed during the credits that Peacemaker actually managed to survive. In fairness, that twist was sort of ruined ahead of time as HBO Max's Peacemaker series was announced before the movie hit theaters.

If you want to see a refreshingly violent and potty-mouthed version of Cena, then make sure you are signed up to HBO Max by January 13 to catch the debut episode. That might be an issue for some of you as even though the streaming service has started to arrive in Europe, it is still unavailable in the UK and a number of other big countries. Hopefully, that is rectified prior to Peacemaker's debut or soon after.

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