Phasmophobia Devs Under Fire For "Housing A Sex Pest" In The Game’s Discord Server

Kinectic Games, the developers behind indie horror game Phasmaphobia, have been accused of "housing a sex pest" in the game's official Discord channel, as its admin has been shown making racist comments and accused of sharing nudes.

The accusations were raised by Twitter user CrownedCollider, who said that the Phasmaphobia devs are "housing a sex pest in their official discord by keeping him admin and refusing to take any claims against him seriously". CrownedCollider then asked people not to play Phasmaphobia as a response to the issue, before sharing several screenshots of an conversation with the game's art lead, cjdxn on Twitter, who defends the admin, known as Charcoal Salamander on Discord, for sharing nudes.

In the screenshots of the conversation with the art lead (later shown off with a screen recording to prove their legitimacy), he can be seen saying, "The whole sharing nudes thing, he's explicitly said he didn't ask for them, she sent them anyway at her own risk. So if he wanted to give them to a mate that's fair game imo". The art lead then says that it feels like a "manhunt" against Charcoal Salamander.

Sharing nudes isn't the only allegation made against Charcoal Salamander, however. CrownedCollider also shared videos showing the admin making racist jokes to another Discord user, including saying "shall I speak in Chinese then?" after the user says they are squinting, and saying that they're allowed to make the jokes because they have "yellow fever".

Following CrownedCollider's tweet on the admin going viral, Kinetic Games banned Charcoal Salamander from the Discord channel and the game's art lead, known as CJ, made a statement on the matter. They said, "Recently we received some news about one of our Discord admins regarding sharing sensitive imagery and racist comments. After assessing the evidence we have removed that admin completely from the Discord team and he will not be rejoining."

The statement continues, "However some of my words were chosen poorly and in haste. So I would like to apologise". CJ then defends the conversation that was shared, claiming that the DMs had been taken out of context and the section where they said "that just looks like two friends in DMs" was in reference to another part of the conversation. CJ ends the statement by apologising for not choosing their words carefully.

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