Pimax Vision 8K X Goes Into Production as Series Takes to CES 2020

A couple of months ago Pimax began taking pre-orders for its next-generation virtual reality (VR) headsets, dubbed the Vision series. Two models were revealed, the Vision 8K X and Vision 8K Plus. With CES 2020 taking place this week in Las Vegas, Pimax has made several announcements including mass production of the flagship Vision 8K X and two new head-mounted displays (HMD).

As VRFocus has previously reported the Pimax Vision 8K X will come with dual native 4K displays with a claimed 3840×2160 per-eye resolution. It’ll still feature the company’s standard 200° field of view (FoV), as well as a new ‘Dual Engine Modes’ capability, which works in either ‘Native mode’ offering 3840×2160 per eye at 75Hz or ‘Upscale mode’  where a max input signal of 2560×1440 per eye at 120Hz can be changed to 3840×2160 per eye at 120Hz (max). While those that have pre-ordered the $1299.00 USD headset will likely be pleased to hear it has gone into mass production, Pimax has yet to issue a launch date.

Then there are the two new headset models, the Vision 5K Super and the Pimax Artisan. The Vision 5K Super will offer a resolution of 2560×1440 per eye alongside refresh rates at 90/120/160/180 Hz. Price and availability have yet to be revealed. While the Pimax Artisan is the baby of the bunch, priced from $449. Offering refresh rates of 72/90/120Hz at 170° FOV diagonally with 1700×1440 per eye resolution, the Artisan is designed to work with graphics cards like Nvidia’s  GTX 1050T, for entry-level VR gamers. It’ll still work with SteamVR 1.0 and 2.0 tracking like its siblings.

“We are blessed with a hardcore and supportive VR community, together with whom we learn lessons and push the industry to the next VR Era. It’s a story of challenge to tell developing VISION 8K X, but eventually we made it! We are very proud of VISION 8K X and believe it is a standard next-generation headset, and are extremely excited for the refresh rate improvement for the entire P2 headset line and Brainwarp 2.0,” said Pimax founder Robin Weng in a statement.

As well as all the new hardware Pimax has revealed the release of Brainwarp 2.0 for CES 2020. A collection of software tech, Brainwarp 2.0 is all about lowering hardware requirements, reducing latency and boosting the refresh rates of Pimax headsets.

Pimax now has quite the lineup of VR headsets – when they are all eventually available – to cover every user price bracket. As further details are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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