Players Are Reporting That Avengers Runs Like Molasses On PS4

Marvel’s Avengers hasn’t been out for long, but it’s already having some major issues. PS4 players are reporting that the game is running painfully slowly for them.

Unfortunately, we aren’t just talking about slow loading times. We’re talking about broken cut scenes, frame rates well below 30 fps, and general buggy-ness. The game itself is extremely ambitious, giving you access to more than 80 co-op missions alongside the main campaign, a wide array of costumes to collect and characters to play as, and a continually expanding story—to say nothing of the fact that superhero games are already expected to be big-budget blockbusters.

Based on player feedback from the beta, there were already areas of concern when it came to things like screen shake and the loot system. Of course, all of that pales in comparison to the experience of some journalists. The team at Cultured Vultures put together a compilation video and review of all of the bugs that they experienced while playing Avengers, and boy is it bad. The game runs so slowly that it almost seems like it’s broken.

Perhaps the most glaring issue is with one of the cut scenes. Theoretically, these should be the most polished parts of the game. There is no player input and it’s all pre-loaded into the game. However, when the game is being run on a PS4, those cut scenes look like a poorly loaded internet video from the mid-2000s. Of course, that issue spills over into the gameplay as well. The AI either doesn’t help when you’re downed, or it glitches so badly that it looks like they’re caught in some serious lag. Parts of the game also randomly slow down time, which—admittedly—sounds advantageous, but isn’t the way it’s supposed to work.

It could simply be that the PS4 simply doesn’t have the power needed to run the game smoothly, but that seems unlikely. Rather, it looks like there is something seriously wrong with the way the game operates on the console. This is unfortunate, given that Spiderman is a PlayStation exclusive, and players on all other consoles were told to just buy a PlayStation to get access to the character. Hopefully, all of this is something that can be fixed with a patch, because if it’s not, the game isn’t going to have a long life on PS4.

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