PlayStation Dropping Support Via Twitter In August

PlayStation Support has announced it’s ditching Twitter to help customers one-on-one. As of next month, users will have to head to the PlayStation Support site to look up solutions to common problems or to grab alternate contact info for issues that need someone’s attention.

"Starting August 1st, 1-to-1 PlayStation Support via Twitter will no longer be available," wrote PlayStation. Currently, users that have any issues with their PlayStation, whether that be hardware problems, a refund request, subscription issues, security, or just having a tough time with a certain game, can reach out to @AskPlayStation on Twitter for help. A customer service rep will then offer some useful info and move the conversation to Twitter's direct messaging system if more help is required.

But that changes as of August 1. Presumably, @AskPlayStation will still exist to make larger announcements and to direct users to the PlayStation Support contact page here. PlayStation users can also look up solutions to common problems here.

If you still haven't signed on to PlayStation's newly revamped PS Plus, there's good news. A new seven-day trial is now available for users to try PS Plus' Extra and Premium tiers, which come with access to an extended library of PS5/PS4 titles as well as the Classics Catalog, which allows streaming for classic titles from as far back as the original PlayStation.

Note that existing PS Plus customers that have already subscribed to Extra or Premium tiers can't use this deal to get a week-long discount. Users also can't try Extra for a week and then move to Premium for another week, so might as well get Premium to start so you get access to everything.

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