PlayStation Tournaments Are Coming To PS5 This Year

Competition has been at the heart of gaming ever since its inception. From setting high scores in arcades 35 years ago to winning 100 Slayer matches in a row in Halo Infinite. Yes, someone really has done that. Unless you love playing single-player campaigns and nothing else, then you probably like a little competition in your games. PlayStation is planning on introducing a little more of that for PS5 players later this year.

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan delivered a presentation this week during which he revealed an absolute boatload of information about what the company has planned for the distant and immediate future. An exciting reveal you might have missed amid all the other big news is the arrival of PlayStation Tournaments on PS5. A feature that was first introduced on PS4 in 2016 but hasn't really made its way onto PS5 quite yet.

“We're also planning to introduce a new Tournaments feature on PS5,” Ryan confirmed. Information as to how that will look and if it will be drastically different from the same feature on PS4 was sparse. It should mean opportunities to compete against other players in a variety of different PS5 games, probably with prizes up for grabs. Ryan also didn't elaborate on an exact arrival date, just sometime later this year.

Sony filed a patent for online tournament integration last year which may well go hand in hand with the introduction of Tournaments on PS5. It may also mean that brackets can be generated through the PlayStation Network rather than having to rely on the games themselves needing competitive functionality. In turn, that could open up the possibility to have tournaments in other games not previously considered under the Tournaments feature before now.

As exciting as the prospect of competing against someone in Astro's Playroom is, however that might work, it wasn't the biggest story to come out of Ryan's presentation. The highlights belonged to news surrounding the PS VR2. We were given a first look at the headset and even told one of the games that will be available when the next-gen VR system launches. Horizon: Call Of The Mountain, a spinoff of Zero Dawn and the upcoming Forbidden West.

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