Pokemon Anime Screenshots Confirm The Return Of Lapras And The Squirtle Squad

Ash Ketchum and his best pal Pikachu are currently on a farewell tour at the moment, as it was confirmed the next series of the anime will focus on two new protagonists. Ash's final season after becoming a World Champion has already seen him encounter several old friends, including another run in with long time pals Misty and Brock. You'd be sorely mistaken if you though thought that was the end of all the reunions though, as new screenshots of the anime's next four episodes has revealed that Ash's Lapras will make a return, as will the fan-favorite Squirtle Squad.

Released by The Pokemon Company earlier today (thanks GamesRadar), we can see screenshots of the Squirtle Squad in a dramatic pose, as well as Ash riding his Lapras again for the first time in quitea while. Ash met both Pokemon during the first ever season of the Pokemon anime, and parted with them realtively early into his Pokemon journey as well.

In case you need a reminder, Ash met the Squirtle Squad back when they were a mischievous group of troublemakers. After befriending the group and adding their leader to his party of Pokemon, the Squirtle Squad settled down and became firefighters to help out Officer Jenny, a noble profession for a set of true kings.

On the other hand, Ash met Lapras by discovering it washed up on a beach and seperated from its family. Initially afraid of humans, Ash did what he does best and quickly gained its trust, adding Lapras to his party and having it ferry him throughout his adventures. The pair eventually parted ways after Ash and friends found Lapras' family and helped it reintegrate with the group. Not a dry eye in the house that day, let me tell you.

There will undoubtedly be more reunions than this if the anime is pulling out Lapras and the Squirtle Squad, which is only right considering Ash's time is coming to an end. Enjoy these last few episodes everyone, because Ash won't be around for much longer.

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