Pokémon GO: What Poffins Actually Do

Pokémon GO‘s new Buddy Adventure has brought a new food item along with it, Poffins. But what are they and what do they do?

Pokémon GO‘s Buddy Adventure has landed and trainers around the world are busy getting to grips with everything it offers. Previously, the way a trainer could interact with their buddy in Pokémon GO was pretty basic. Nothing more than picking a Pokémon and walking with them in order to accrue candies. That has all changed in a number of major ways.

Trainers can now feed, play with, battle alongside, and even have their buddy Pokémon walk with them on the map. In terms of the feeding part, as you’d expect, the berries trainers collect from Pokéstops are your buddy’s main source of nutrition. However, you may have also noticed a new food option, the Poffin. Unlike berries, Poffins can not be found at Pokéstops but must be purchased from Pokémon GO‘s shop.

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There’s a reason for this, and it’s to do with the tremendous effect a Poffin has on a buddy Pokémon. A single one will cost 100 Pokécoins and when fed to your buddy, things get seriously ramped up. The distance trainers need to walk for candies will be halved, the number of hearts available to earn per day doubles, and the buddy will stay full for longer.

For trainers already versed in the different moods a buddy Pokémon can be, you’ll have noticed a Poffin has a similar effect as getting a buddy to its excited mood. However, feeding them a Poffin is far easier than grinding for that elusive mood. It takes 32 emotion points to reach the excited level without a Poffin and trust us when we tell you, that is not easy to do.

As for when it is worth using a Poffin, definitely make sure it’s on a day when you plan on playing an awful lot of Pokémon GO. If you don’t plan on playing so much that you’ll earn more than ten buddy hearts, buying and cashing in on a Poffin would basically be a waste of time and money. If you’re going to dedicate an entire day to the game and utilizing your buddy, then feeding them a Poffin could mean 20 hearts are potentially up for grabs.

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