Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How To Complete The Sea’s Legend Request

Pokemon Legends: Arceus presents a new look into the beloved Sinnoh region of times past, once named Hisui. With many mysteries to uncover and adventures to enjoy, your journey will take you to different places, and face you against various mythical and legendary pokemon.

Related: Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Which Starter Should You Pick?One of the many legendaries roaming around Hisui is Manaphy, the prince of the sea. However, before we can find and catch this pokemon, we must first begin by reading a book… in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl.

How To Unlock "The Sea's Legend" Request

Shortly after beating the main story, Professor Laventon will tell you about having acquired an old book that tells a legend about a sea prince and how to possibly find it, thus beginning Request #66, "The Sea's Legend". While you won't have access to the book in this game, you may have seen the text in it already. If you explored the Canalave Library in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl, you must remember reading this very same book, also named "The Sea's Legend", narrating the story of a group of pokemon in their search for this sea prince. Keep those details in mind, because is in them where it lies the key for your success.

To find Manaphy, you must have a Buizel, Hisuian Qwilfish, and Mantyke in your party, and ride a Basculegion through the stone arch at the eastern part of the Cobalt Coastlands. Doing so will trigger a message telling you that the Seaside Hollow cave is now open, and you must go there for the next step. Once you enter you will spot a Manaphy surrounded by three Phione, all the four protected by a windy shield, moving quickly around the cave. Manaphy will spawn at level 50 and the three Phione will be level 33, so be careful to not one-shot any of them, which at this point may be fairly easy to do. Throw a pokeball at them to disrupt their shields, and once they're vulnerable you can send a pokemon to begin a battle, and hopefully catch them.

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