Pokemon Legends: Arceus Won’t Include Breeding According To Leak

2021 was a huge year for Pokemon. The Pokemon Company marked the franchise's 25th year in just about every way possible. It even explored an area of the video game branch of the Pokemon world it had never ventured to before via Pokemon Unite. Turns out battling Pokemon in a MOBA actually works really well. So well that Unite will likely live on for years to come.

Pokemon's daring changes will continue in 2022 through Legends: Arceus. The semi-open world game will be here before the end of the month and may well change the way we have played Pokemon games for the past 25 years forever. On top of the features already confirmed by Nintendo and Game Freak, a new leak has suggested some familiar features from most previous mainline Pokemon games will be missing.

Centro Leaks shared the possible changes and ommissions at the tail end of last year after learning of them from well-known Pokemon leaker, Riddler Khu. Three details jump out of the leak. No unique abilities for Pokemon, no breeding, and no held items. Three features that have been around long enough that some players might be a little peeved to not see them in Legends: Arceus.

While trainers not being able to breed Pokemon or have them hold an item to aid them in battle might be annoying, it actually makes sense if you think about it. Legends: Arceus will take place in the Hisui region, a province of the Sinnoh region set so far in the past that there is no mention of it in Diamond & Pearl. People still know very little about Pokemon in this new, or maybe that should be old, world. It stands to reason that they wouldn't know letting them hold something would be beneficial. It also makes sense that they wouldn't know the best way to help them breed, kind of like the problems we have in the real world when it comes to trying to help pandas survive.

It may also explain why Legends: Arceus features Pokemon we have never seen before. The lack of knowledge trainers had in the Hisui region could have led to certain species becoming extinct. It should be noted that Riddler Khu made their Twitter account private shortly after revealing the information above. Even though it seems to make sense, that detail probably means the above should be taken with a grain of salt until Game Freak and Nintendo decide to confirm or deny it.

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