Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 10 Cutest "Let’s Go" Animations

The latest duo of Pokemon games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, has hit the Nintendo Switch. Despite a rocky launch, Pokemon fans are still enjoying the first truly open-world game in the series. Each edition is more unique than ever before, with even the disruption of time affecting both games differently.

Scarlet and Violet added a few new features to Pokemon gameplay, including the Let’s Go feature that takes the grind out of leveling up and building friendships. Your Pokemon partner can now walk beside you, and battle wild Pokemon without your help. Most Pokemon have their own unique animations, especially these cuties with the most adorable Let’s Go animations ever.

10/10 Confused, But Having Fun

It’s difficult to find a Pokemon that’s fast enough to keep up with you in Let’s Go mode. Unfortunately, Psyduck is not one of these Pokemon. It may not be fast enough to walk with you forever, but it’s still fun to watch Psyduck waddle around for a time while you’re out leveling up or just having a picnic with your whole team.

Although tough in battle, Psyduck still gets a lot of cute points for being generally confused, but in good spirits about the whole thing.

9/10 Sleepy Little Mushroom

Shroomish is a round little mushroom Pokemon who’s known for being as cute as it is grumpy. Despite its constant frown, Shroomish can still bounce around and have a good time with their friends and trainers. The cutest thing Shroomish does in Let’s Go mode, though, is fall asleep.

When Shroomish conks out, it doesn’t flop over or lay down like most other Pokemon do. Shroomish just nods off right where it’s standing, drooping over a little bit but still looking about the same.

8/10 It’s A Cat Thing

Sprigatito is one of the three adorable starters to choose from in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. While they’re all good, nothing beats the cuteness of a little baby kitten. Many players may be fondly reminded of their own cat every time Sprigatito does something adorable and catlike.

The cutest Let’s Go animation this grassy little kitten has is also one of the things we all know cats for the most. Sprinting around in a frantic circle, and then immediately falling asleep like nothing even happened.

7/10 Jiggly Bread Dog

Every generation of Pokemon games brings new dogs to the scene, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet delivered heavily on the canine front. The carbohydrate-loaded Pokemon Fidough is especially adorable, as is its evolution Dachsbun, and has some of the cutest Let’s Go animations in the whole game.

Whenever Fidough is running along in Let’s Go mode, its doughy body wobbles and jiggles every which way. Each individual piece of bread that makes up a Fidough’s round little body seems to have its own unique physics, too.

6/10 Big Mouth, Little Legs

A lot of Pokemon fans came into the launch of Scarlet and Violet with caution, but have latched onto the wildly adorable starters. Fuecoco’s final evolution, Skeledirge, is more rough and tumble than the adorable baby version, but that doesn’t stop the tiny gator from being cute as a button.

Despite being a tough fiery crocodilian, a lot of the Let’s Go sequences for Fuecoco are great and wholesome. Any time it runs around is especially heart-melting. Just look at those tiny little legs go.

5/10 Pawmot Is Tired

Pawmi is the newest Electric-type rodent Pokemon that Scarlet and Violet has introduced. The Paldea region is home to a countless number of these tiny little squeaking shockers, and they’re easy to catch early on and form a bond with.

The human-sized final evolution Pawmot is pretty relatable, especially when you spend time with one in Let’s Go mode. Pawmot is serious about naps, and takes a special napping stance that looks like it’s getting some hardcore rest. You can’t help but appreciate Pawmot’s need for a fulfilling trip to nap-town.

4/10 Triple The Joy

Bees aren’t normally a thing most people think about when they envision something cute, especially in Pokemon, but you can’t find Combee anything but adorable. This triple-faced honeycomb Pokemon is a lot more approachable and less threatening than the Vespiquen it evolves into, and Combee makes for a fun Let’s Go partner.

When Combee is happy, and you initiate a conversation with it, you get a joyous reaction from all three of its little faces. Triple the smiles means triple the cute.

3/10 Big Spoink Boing

The star of the swine show in Scarlet and Violet is definitely Lechonk, there is no contest. However, in terms of cutest animations, Spoink is still the prized Pokemon pig here. All of the springy pig’s movements have an extra air of lovability to them, but even the idle animation that Spoink has is just great.

You could watch Spoink happily bounce up and down whenever you want, wherever you are, for hours on end. Grumpig is pretty lovable too, but there’s just nothing like Spoink.

2/10 The Cooler Pikachu

A lot of Pikachu fans forget about the Pokemon’s cooler older brother, Raichu. This evolution of the beloved electric rat is just as cute as the original, and has some adorably fun animations in Let’s Go mode. Talking to Raichu when it’s in a good mood gets you one of the cutest Pokemon animations in the game, and a happy reaction from your Raichu.

If you want a good close-up of Raichu flashing you a happy smile, try talking to it again during a picnic for a better view.

1/10 Basic’s Still The Best

Eevee is a heavily sought-after Pokemon due to the ever-expanding number of evolutions that are possible through it. However, Eevee has become a popular Pokemon in its own right for its cuteness and size, even competing with Pikachu in Pokemon games and merch for the title of most adorable mascot.

Eevee seems to blow Pikachu out of the water in Scarlet and Violet with one simple animated move, though. When your Eevee is in a good mood and out of the ball, you’re treated to an amazing little pint-sized happy dance.

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